[Ashfur scowling in a shadowy forest]

Most Hated Warriors Of All Time (in my opinion) by LilyIris

LilyIris lists their least favourite characters from the series.

[Ashfur scowling in a shadowy forest]
Art by uneasywolf (Twitter)
[Ashfur scowling in a shadowy forest]

Yes, I know. There are arguments here and there whether some cats belong in the Dark Forest (Place of No Stars) or Starclan, so I’m gonna list 10 of the cats I think deserve to die. If they haven’t. If they did, THE DARK FOREST, HERE IT COMES!
That sounded wrong. Still.

1.) Ashfur
Ever heard of insanity? This cat reeks of it. So he got rejected, so he plots to burn Squirrelflight and her *kits* to death? That’s just so wrong. And stealing a life from your leader? Why? What about taking over another cat’s body (that happens to be the mate your crush took) and stealing another cat’s identity? Ashfur got absolutely NO EXCUSE for doing what he did. Seriously dude?

2.) Mapleshade
Isn’t it obvious?
Yes, she suffered a lot of trauma. But it was mainly HER fault her kits died. Not Appledusk or Oakstar. I mean, just because she suffered a lot when she was alive doesn’t give her an excuse to kill other innocent cats. (By a raise of hands, who agrees with me? Now who doesn’t? Whoever doesn’t, put your hand over your mouth.)
I mostly hate her for messing up Crookedstar’s life and killing Silverstream. Sorry to all you Mapleshade-lovers.

3.) Rainflower
Oh, now he’s Clan leader. My beautiful kit-
Okay, not really like that. But along that line. Supposedly she regretted treating Crookedjaw(star) like that when he grew up, but TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, right?

4.) Tigerclaw
I blame this entirely on fate. I mean, he was basically set up to become evil. I would if my father ABANDONED my mother to become a kittypet, and got mentored/raised by bloodthirsty BOAR (Thistleclaw). I don’t even think that’s it. But yes, that doesn’t give him an excuse to MURDER Redtail, INSANIFY Bluefur(star), and basically kill every cat that existed. Cool cat.

5.) Thistleclaw
There isn’t really a character arc for Thistleclaw, just evil mainly for power and blood. I’m really just glad Whitestorm didn’t turn up like his father. Thank you Erins.

6.) Brokentail (star)
Like Tigerstar, it’s all fate. I guess.
If my ADOPTED mother treated me like trash, my SO-CALLED littermates spitting on me every chance they got, then yes. But that doesn’t give Brokenstar the right to MURDER HIS OWN FATHER and LITERALLY MURDER KITS. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-

7.) Stormtail
This cat reminds me of that one dad who disappears when buying milk. Yeah.
Like he neglected his family, stole Moonflower from Sunfall (which is MUCH better ship btw), and ignored Bluekit/paw/fur and Snowkit/paw/fur. Argue all you want, but I hate this cat because I related a lot to Bluekit/paw/fur.

8.) Darkstripe
Dirtstripe. Yeah. So this guy’s fighting skill’s so poor he can’t even beat Stonefur, a half-beaten and probably starved cat. He’s basically like a robot, Tigerclaw this and that. So tired of this guy.

9.) Blackfoot (star)
Hear me out before y’all throw rotten vegetables and fruit at me. There is a reason why he’s number 9. Mostly, throughout the 2nd series, he was a pretty good leader. But he shouldn’t have killed Stonefur in an unjust and unfair fight. Come on, you’re better than this! And he made up for it. So yeah.

10.) Crowfeather
Again, hear me out. Crowfeather DID make up with Leafpool, but come on guy! Decide on one mate! First, it was Feathertail. Then she died, now Leafpool. Oops, she’s forbidden. AND she got my kits. Oh, there’s another decent cat, let’s-
Okay, I MIGHT have over-exaggerate a LITTLE bit. But I just don’t like how he got mad at Leafpool all of a sudden, and like 3 weeks-sorry, meant MOONS, later after Feathertail died, he loved Leafpool. Indecisive, much?

I’m sorry if you didn’t agree with many of these, but I only put cats from the first and second series. If there’s any cats I missed, put it down below! And watch out for my next article, give me some ideas. Please and thank you.

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