Official art depicting the forest territories from the reprinted editions

Why I think the Clans should have stayed in the old forest by Snowpaw

Snowpaw argues why the Clans should’ve stayed in the forest territories.

Official art depicting the forest territories from the reprinted editions
Official art depicting the forest territories from the reprinted editions

So hi everyone! I’m Snowpaw/flake and this is my first article – I’ll be explaining why I think the Clans should have stayed in the forest. (excluding SkyClan)

So do you guys remember Sunningrocks? Or Fourtrees? The Thunderpath? The Moonstone? What happened to all of that?! It all just disappeared!!

The forest was already home to many ancient relics, including the numerous conflicts at Sunningrocks (hey, they were interesting whenever the story got a little bit boring!) But the clans just ditched them. The apprentices stopped going to the Moonstone, for StarClan’s sake! I liked that tradition.

Now the layout. The lake territory looks more like a doughnut, so it would be really hard for, say, ShadowClan, to invade a clan on the opposite side of the doughnut (like, say, WindClan). So, in the lake territory, there wouldn’t be much action if ShadowClan tried to attack WindClan, because they don’t share a border, and would have to cross either RiverClan or ThunderClan territory. (awkward right?)

Also, tradition. Come on, like, the leaders from Gray wing’s time fought for this place, and you’re going to chicken? Look at what they did for you (so you could have a home to live in)!! Look at what you did for them (abandon the home they fought so hard for)!!!

And what about RiverClan? We’ve hardly heard from them since they moved to the lake. (before ASC and Frostpaw)

The journey drained Tallstar, one of my favourite leaders. The journey made him nothing. He disappeared. We never see him again. It’s so sad!! And what about Marshkit (uh, that was his name right?) Remember him? The one who almost got carried off by an eagle? He could have died!!! Thank StarClan for Brackenfur!

Of course, all that I just talked about was assuming twolegs weren’t a thing, though I still think even if the twolegs stayed, the Clans would have thought of some genius plan to get rid of them and fight for their ancestors, instead of running away. (hey, I mean, the Clans are actually really smart)

Personally, I think the forest territory was better than the lake, but that’s just my opinion, and I’m interested in your opinion, so put your vote down in the comments 😀

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  • Quailpaw, Christmas kitty who likes taking candycanes from twoleg gardens, She-cat| Former name: Leafwind ( Leafi) Obsessed with Anime| Listens to Anime openings a lot says:

    I liked the forest more ( I do some of my fanfics on it) but the Clans couldn’t physically stay because the twolegs would’ve torn the Clans to shreds. That’s an amazing article

  • I loved the old forest. I think the clans where to quick to move. I love Thunderclans old territory. Me be just reading firestars quest ( I’m on a starless clan ) so many memories! 😢😢🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
    Have a nice holidays everyone 🎄🌲❄️❄️☃️⛄️

  • Yes I completely agree! If the cats really didn’t have another choice, the authors could just abandon the TNP plot and continue writing about the forest territories. It’s such a nice setting! They could make SkyClan come back and make the Clans fight for territory, or they could make Brambleclaw go on a sun trail and come back again. you don’t really need a new setting to create new arcs.

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