Cadvent Day 15

Hello everyone, happy Friday! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week! And to everyone celebrating – happy final day of Hanukkah!! And only one week to Christmas, wow! So many exciting holidays 😀

Honeybeam has kindly sent in a photo of their cat, Fern!

a long-furred gray cat sits under a Christmas tree, amidst a pile of presents

Fern looks so cozy underneath the tree (which looks so festive, by the way!!)! I hope she gets everything she wants for Christmas 😀

Next up, we have another awesome photo from Pandadrift – thanks so much for collecting these pictures 😀

a black and white cat with green eyes lies under a Christmas tree

This is such a cozy photo, I love how peaceful the cat looks 😀 thanks, Panda!

Sunheart also found an awesome photo online, credited to “Purring Cat”

a white cat sleeps on an orange blanket by a fireplace

Oh wow, I’m sensing a theme for today’s Cadvent…and each photo is more cozier than the last!! I love them all 😀

I hope all of you find this upcoming weekend as cozy and peaceful as these photos 🙂 <3 Have a wonderful rest of your day!



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