[a simply full-body design of Duskpaw]

Fun facts about a random character part 2 by Bloodynight

Bloodynight lists random facts about Duskpaw.

[a simply full-body design of Duskpaw]
Art by theDawnmist
[a simply full-body design of Duskpaw]

Hi warrior,apprentice,kit,medicine cat,medicine cat apprentice or whoever you are welcome to this new article about the random character who is…
Great an apprentice that lived only a couple of chapters in one super edition (and also appears in a novella).
Well,let’s just start
1.Duskpaw has a nephew named after him
Duskkit the kit of his sister Blossomheart although he doesn’t looks anything like him.
2.6 members of his family were povs.
His brother Hawkwing 🦅 and the mate of his brother Pebbleshine🪨,their daughters Violetshine💜 and Twigbranch🪵,Violetshine’s mate Tree🌳 and Rootspring🫚.
3.He was the only SkyClan’s apprentice that known to die while was an apprentice
4.There are 5 cats with his same name prefix and not even one has the same fur colour
These are Dusk Smoke 💨 with a gray pelt (That has the same prefix as Duskpaw and his cause of death as sufix,what???),Dusk Nose 👃 tortie pelt,Duskfur 🐈 brown tabby,Duskwater 💦 blue-gray and Duskkit 🐱white with brown paws and ears.
5.He is called Dämmerpfote in German 🇩🇪 that means Twilightpaw
And he’s named Hämytassu in Finnish 🇫🇮 that is literally Dumbpaw (a perfect name that totally suits Duskpaw),Nuage du Crépuscule in French 🇫🇷 that is Twilight Cloud and Mpaколап in russian 🇷🇺 that means Darkpaw(he doesn’t looks like a Darkpaw,maybe he could exchange Nightheart’s apprentice name Flamepaw and Nightheart could have Darkpaw this way they would have logical names).
6.Duskpaw first words in a book were “Mrrow!”
In Hawkwing’s journey chapter 1.
7.Duskpaw wanted that Hawkpaw/wing and Pebblepaw/shine were friends
“Look, I know you don’t like her,” Duskpaw
meowed, lowering his voice and casting a quick glance between Hawkpaw and Pebblepaw, “but you should get to know her better. You know, the two of you are a lot alike. You’re both as difficult as a fox in a fit. So are you coming or not?”
8.Hawkpaw/wing wanted that Duskpaw got punished
‘It didn’t seem all that fair to Hawkpaw that he always worked as hard as he possibly could, but Duskpaw kept getting away with his stupid behavior.
Maybe if he has to deal with the elders’ ticks for a few days, he’ll decide to make more of an effort.’
He later regretted it when he saw his brother in the fire.
‘I wanted Duskpaw to get into trouble-just a bit-but not for something like this to happen!’
9.If Hawkpaw/wing had decided to save Duskpaw instead of Pebblepaw/shine there wouldn’t be any Twigbranch,Violetshine or Rootspring
So Hawkpaw/wing made the right decision,but maybe someone could have reemplaced them idk who,maybe Poollake (Twigbranch) the mighty daughter of Duskspark (Duskpaw) and her other mighty daughter Roselight (Violetshine) and her son Branchleaf (Rootspring).
10.Duskpaw’s last words to Hawkpaw/wing were:
“It’s worth it! Twoleg food 🍖 is delicious. But you can suit yourself. We’re going.”
11.Duskpaw love for twoleg food 🥓 is very rare in the clans
Most of the warriors hate twoleg food and think it’s disgusting 🤮.
12.4 cats died like Duskpaw because of a fire 🔥
These are Yellowfang🟡,Patchpelt🐈,Halftail🫡 and Moon Shadow 🌑 (and that’s all I think).
14.Duskpaw eye colour is not revealed but he possibly had green eyes
Because his mother and father have green eyes.
15.Duskpaw only lived one chapter in Hawkwing’s journey
But he is mentioned in almost every chapter (he is more important in this book than Sharpclaw,Cherrytail,Cloudmist,Blossomheart…)
16.Duskpaw’s parents and siblings (less Cloudmist) have a sufix of a part of the body
Sharpclaw-claw,Cherrytail-tail,Blossomheart-heart and Hawkwing-wing also most of his kin have plant related prefix (🍒Cherrytail,🌸Blossomheart,🌼Flower,🌿Parsleyseed,🕊️Twigbranch,🪻Violetshine,🫚Rootspring and 🌲Needleclaw)
17.Darktail was the replacement of Duskpaw for Hawkwing
And Plumwillow was for Pebbleshine and Plumwillow’s kits for his own.
18.Duskpaw and Pebbleshine are cousins
This means that Hawkwing was the mate of his cousin!
Well that’s all the fun facts I have for Duskpaw.
Hope you liked it 😃!


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