[a full-body design of Hopekit sitting on her haunches]

Giving Warrior Names to Kits and Apprentices that Didn’t Receive Them (Part 3) by Smokepaw

Smokepaw gives warrior names to young cats who never received one.

[a full-body design of Hopekit sitting on her haunches]
Art by theDawnmist
[a full-body design of Hopekit sitting on her haunches]

Hi! I’m Smokepaw! And today I am doing part three of giving warrior names to kits and apprentices that didn’t receive it! Let’s get on with it!

First up is Hollykit!
Born to Ferncloud and Dustpelt, sister to Larchkit and Birchfall, Hollykit sadly died very young due to starvation as the time she died was just before the cats went on the Great Journey. She is depicted as a brown tabby with amber eyes, so some names that came in mind were Hollystripe? But Hollydawn or Hollydusk also sounds nice! Hmmm…. Maybe Hollyshade cause she died during the night? And it kinda suits her pelt and everything! Hollyshade it is then! Hollyshade! Hollyshade! Hollyshade!!!

Next uppppppp….. Hopekit!
Born to Yellowfang and Raggedstar, sister of Brokenstar, who sadly died at birth. She is shown as a tiny cream and gray cat, so a fitting name would be Hopeleaf as leaves are TINY. Congrats to you Hopeleaf!

Third is Juniperkit!
Son of Squirrelflight and Bramblestar, brother to Sparkpelt, Alderheart and Dandelionkit, he also sadly died soon after birth. Since his sister already got her Warrior name in the previous article I wrote, surely he should also get a warrior name! He is a dark brown tabby-and-white cat with glossy fur which means he is the only cat that looks a bit like his father out of all his siblings, so continuing the tradition of the -claw ending that was passed down by his grandfather and father, he shall be named Juniperclaw!

Next is Larchkit!
The kit that was born Half-Clan, drowned after being exiled and sent to StarClan, Larchkit was one of the kits of Mapleshade and Appledusk. He is shown for his love of swimming and is a dark brown tom. Some fitting names are Larchstream, Larchsplash and Larchcall. I think Larchsplash is really nice so that’s his new name!

Finally it is…… Larchkit!
This Larchkit is kit of Ferncloud and Dustpelt from their second litter, also the sister of the newly named Hollyshade and Birchfall. She died of starvation due to Ferncloud not having enough milk during leaf-bare. She id depicted as a brown tabby she-cat so the first name that pops into my mind is Larchstripe. It’s really nice and pretty in my opinion.

That is everything from me today! I will do a part four soon! Have a nice morning/afternoon/evening/night! Tell me in the comments what your favourite name was! Mine is definitely Hollyshade! Smokepaw out ->

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