[a full-body design of Tigerclaw/Tigerstar with a menacing expression]

Tigerstar I: His Greatest Mistake by Amberpaw

Amberpaw lays out the choice that ultimately brought about Tigerstar’s downfall.

[a full-body design of Tigerclaw/Tigerstar with a menacing expression]
Art by Thundarrow (Warriors Amino)
[a full-body design of Tigerclaw/Tigerstar with a menacing expression]

Good morning/afternoon/night! Today I will share my opinion on the causes of Tigerstar I’s failure. This will be my second article in the character-analyzing series. (Spoiler alert for TPB, TNP, and OotS.)

So, Tigerstar I (Tigerclawstar) was clearly one of the most well-known villains in the Warriors world. He had many supporters, a vicious army, and a well-devised strategy. But why didn’t he succeed in the end? Other than the fact that he was the antagonist, I believe Tigerstar’s greatest mistake was his overtrust in other cats. Because he was too quick-tempered and determined to achieve his goal, he often trusted other cats too quickly, causing them to side against him in the end.

In TPB, Tigerstar’s mistake was demonstrated in his trust in BloodClan. Hating Firestar more than ever, he had devised a clever plan to use BloodClan’s strong army to defeat Firestar. However, persuasion requires time. Tigerstar was too quick-tempered to consider the possibility that BloodClan had not been persuaded, which eventually resulted in his death.

In TNP, Tigerstar again showed his overtrust in Brambleclaw. He allowed Hawkfrost to set a trap for Firestar, making Brambleclaw the leader of ThunderClan and WindClan. However, he was too quick to consider Brambleclaw’s fierce loyalty to Firestar. No matter how hard he tried to persuade Brambleclaw, at the end of the series, he was still on Firestar’s side.

In OotS, Tigerstar’s continued failure to recognize his mistake led him to overtrust other cats as well. Half of the cats training in the Dark Forest were only there to learn advanced battle techniques and prevent themselves from being attacked by Tigerstar for not joining. However, after Tigerstar announced the Dark Forest’s actual plan right before the Great Battle, many of the righteous cats returned to the Clans’ side. Tigerstar was the cat in charge of collecting cats to train, and his quick temper and overtrust in other cats made him overlook the power of a rebelling team.

So this is all I have to say about why Tigerstar failed in the end. The idea of Tigerstar’s recklessness was gradually formed as I read more and more Warriors books. What are your perspectives on Tigerstar’s life? I would be glad to hear.

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