[a simple design of Ivypool walking and looking over her shoulder]

Analyzing Ivypool by Morningbrook

Morningbrook takes a closer look at Ivypool.

[a simple design of Ivypool walking and looking over her shoulder]
Art by warrior cats designs (tumblr)
[a simple design of Ivypool walking and looking over her shoulder]

Hey everyone! It’s Morningbrook. Today we are analyzing Ivypool because she’s my favorite character and I saw other people doing it with other characters. Let’s jump right in!
Ivypool is such a great and interesting character in my opinion and she’s so brave when spying on the Dark Forest. But she didn’t start out that way. In the first few books of Omen of the Stars, she was only Dovepaw’s touchy, jealous sister, envious of Dovepaw’s special treatment. She also was a loyal sister, but other than that, there was nothing significant about her.
That changed slightly in Fading Echoes, where she became portrayed as the foolish, easily manipulated apprentice who feels nothing but her own jealousy (no offense, fellow Ivypool fans), who was tricked by Hawkfrost into the Dark Forest, and even lost Firestar a life when she was wrapped up in the dark warriors’ plans. Dovepaw, seemingly, was the sensible, loyal one of the two. And what’s more is that they even got me, an obsessed Ivypool fan, angry at her stupidity. (Again, no offense).Now Ivypool was gaining attention from the books – but as a villain.
At last, in Night Whispers, Ivypool is written as the hero she is now. A shocking discovery catches her attention and causes her to turn against the Place of No Stars (even though she was a bit sidetracked with Flametail dying of ice hockey). Lionblaze and Jayfeather tell her that she must revisit the Dark Forest to spy on them. And while this is a perilous task for a young apprentice, she accepts and puts her Clan first, throwing herself into danger to save her Clanmates. Here, she learns all the dark warriors’ tricks and the living Clans prove to be successful in the Great Battle – mostly because of her help. And she does all of this as a young, inexperienced warrior.
This proves that she is extremely brave, loyal, and determined to make up for her mistake. She is courageous and will not back down from any challenge. The training from the Dark Forest makes her a formidable warrior, and she uses those skills correctly. Also, you can’t blame her; she had no reason to believe that Tigerstar and Hawkfrost hadn’t changed. Any sign that they were fooling her, and she would realize that she was in the wrong. She believed that this would help her be a greater asset for her Clan, and while that wasn’t the best choice of hers, it proves that she wasn’t disloyal in following the Dark Forest. I bet Dovewing would’ve been ensnared just as easily had she been the one to visit the Place of no Stars.
Also, she remained loyal to ThunderClan while her sister went tramping off after ‘mangy’ Tigerheart and joined ShadowClan, where she immediately lost my respect, because I think that ShadowClan Dovewing is not nearly as interesting.
So, to wrap it up, this is why I believe Ivypool, in my opinion, is the bravest, quickest, cleverest, most interesting, and best character in Warrior Cats.
I hope you liked my article. Morningbrook out!

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