[image description: cat versions of Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and the Hulk]

Making MCU characters Warriors Cats by Meadowheart

Meadowheart gives warrior names to characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

[image description: cat versions of Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and the Hulk]
Art by jeyparksart (etsy)
[cat versions of Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and the Hulk]

Hey Blogclan! It’s Meadowheart here, and today I will be creating Warrior names for Marvel characters. Let’s get started!


Iron Man/ Tony Stark- Tony Stark created the suit, Iron Man, when he was held captive. With the suit and his smarts, he defeated many villains. I think the prefix for Tony’s name would maybe be Iron because of his suit. And possibly Flight for his suffix. Ironflight? I think that’s a great name! On to the next MCU character.

Steve Rogers/ Captain America- Captain America was the first avenger, and a very brave soldier. I think that his prefix should be Brave to show his personality. His suffix could be claw, showing his strength in battle. So, maybe his name could be Braveclaw. That is good!

Hawkeye/ Clint Barton- I honestly think that Clint’s name is a good Warrior name for him, with the prefix being Hawk and the suffix being Eye!

Black Widow/ Natasha Romanoff- Natasha is a skilled fighter who is brave and doesn’t let anything get in her way. I think a good prefix for her would be Shadow, because she is a fighter who is sort of secret, and a good suffix would be Scar, because of her rough background. Shadowscar would be a good name for her.

Hulk/ Bruce Banner- Hulk is a huge green dude with great fighting skills and anger issues. His prefix could be Green, because he is green, and for a suffix… maybe flurry, because he comes at you in a flurry. Greenflurry. Yep!

Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes- Bucky is Captain America’s best friend and he is a good fighter with a metal arm. I think, for his prefix, it should be Metal and, for his suffix, it should be frost. Metalfrost, that makes sense!

Groot- Groot is a walking tree. I think his name should be Rootstep.

Thor- Lightningstrike. That may be a name for him already, but it just works😛 Thor sends lightning strikes into the battles he fights in.

Scarlet Witch/ Wanda Maximoff- Scarletstorm. The name fits well with her! She has a red, fiery aura to her like a scarlet storm.

Now that I’ve named all the characters I’ve wanted to name, time to see which Warriors character they’d be in the books!!

Ironflight- I think Ironflight would be Brambleclaw because he pretty much led the journey to find their new homes and Iron Man sort of has his same personality.

Braveclaw- Braveclaw would definitely be Firestar! Captain America showed great courage and was the first Avenger, kind of like how Fitestar was the first kittypet to join Thunderclan and rise to be leader.

Hawkeye- Hawkeye would be Dustpelt. They are both strong Warriors and essential parts to their clans while also being loyal to their families. Hawkeye is so sad when his family “blips” like when Ferncloud or all of Dustpelt’s kits die.

Shadowscar- Shadowscar would be Ivypool. Ivypool trained in the Dark Forest like Black Widow trained in the Red Room. They also have similar personalities.

Greenflurry- Even though Hulk wasn’t best friends with Cap America, or Firestar, I think Graystripe would be a good fit for this character. They both are smart but sometimes get carried away with the ones they love, like Hulk and Black Widow or Graystripe and Silverstream.

Metalfrost- He would definitely be Tigerheart. They both are good characters but sometimes are bad.

Rootstep- He would definitely be Briarlight. They both have very positive attitudes and are very nice beings.

Lightningstrike- He would have to be Lionblaze. Thor and Lionblaze are both characters that are battle crazy and take it hard when they lose a battle.

Scarletwitch- She definitely reminds me of Mapleshade. They both killed people when the ones they loved died. They also are two very strong female characters in both fandoms.

So…I hope you all liked the names! This was my first article and it was very fun to write! Meadowheart out!

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