[done in a realistic art style, Sandstorm and Firestar nuzzle each other]

My favorite and least favorite ships: Ship or Rip by Meadowheart

Meadowheart gives their opinions on ships from the series.

[done in a realistic art style, Sandstorm and Firestar nuzzle each other]
Art by Valcanous (tumblr)
[done in a realistic art style, Sandstorm and Firestar nuzzle each other]

Hey Blogclan. It’s Meadowheart! Let’s dive right on in to this article!
I will be stating what my favorite ships are, and what my least favorite ships are, including non-canon ships in a game of ship or rip! Let’s get started!

Starting with The Prophecy Begins Arc

SandxFire: Ship! They have such a cute relationship and I loved reading Firestar’s perspective on her!

FernxDust: Ship! They were adorable and, spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read OoTs, it just broke my heart when Fern died😢

FirexSpotted: Rip. No. Just no. They saw each other for such a small period of time. It was so weird.

CloudxBright: So, I do ship this one in TpB, but, in the later arcs, I think Cloud was wrong in hanging out with Daisy so much. But, that’s just my opinion and I do think they were sweet in the beginning.

CinderxFire: Rip. I mean, it felt more like a brother and sister bond.

GrayxSilver: Ship! I loved this ship so much. Why did she have to die…😭

The New Prophecy Arc

SorrelxBracken: Ship! I thought their relationships were cute throughout the series.

SquirrelxShrew: Ship! They were so cute together as apprentices! It was so sad when he died.

SquirrelxBramble: Rip! He is, in my opinion, a real jerk. And it wouldn’t have really bothered me, either, if Alder and Spark were never born.

SquirrelxAsh: Rip. No way I would like this ship. It was terrible.

FeatherxCrow: Rip… So, I do like both of these characters, but not together… Plus, everybody makes a big deal about Raven and Barley being to far in age or Squirrel and Bramble. And, even if I don’t like these ships, Fern was born in Forest of Secrets, while Crow was born after the events of a Darkest Hour. That is a way bigger age gap than Bramble and Squirrel, though nobody notices it.

LeafxCrow: Ship! I honestly think that this ship is so cute! They found each other in dark times and it just seems to work out! I hope Crow picks Leaf in Starclan!

RavenxBarley: Rip. They are more like brothers than mates.

MothxLeaf: Rip! They are friends! Nothing else.

StormxBrook: Ship! I like it 🙂

Power of Three Arc

HeatherxLion: Rip. It was just a childhood crush.

NightxCrow: Rip. They weren’t even true mates.

Omen of the Stars Arc

DovexTiger: Ship! This is one of my favorite ships and I just find their moments together so cute! They may have some hard moments together, but they always find a way to make amends. They definitely have true love!

CinderxLion: Ship. It’s cute! They find a way to be together no matter what!

DovexBumble: Rip! This ship is bad. Bumble just isn’t right for Dove.

DovexFox: Rip. I liked it, but maybe they were just friends and I feel like Dove likes Tiger more.

IvyxTiger: Rip! Maybe Ivy had some affection towards Tiger because she felt safe with him in the DF, but Tiger was always only interested in Dove. This ship is crazy and would never have worked.

IvyxHawk: Ship! This is the best Non-canon ship to me. Hawk totally loved Ivy, he just wasn’t good at showing it and felt that he had to be bad just like his father. Ivy, on the other hand, may not have loved Hawk, but she probably still liked him. This ship also would have created a cool story line.

HalfxJay: Rip. It is silly to me. I just don’t feel like it was real. Plus, going back in time to be a different cat is a bit weird.

BriarxJay: Ship! It’s so cute!!! I just love it!

StickxJay: Rip, although it makes me laugh when people discuss it😂

HollyxFallen: Ship! Fallen was so nice!

JessyxBramble: Ship! Jessy is like the best kitty pet ever! I think she and Bramble had good chemistry!

Vision of Shadows Arc

NeedlexAlder: Rip! Needle deserves a better mate than Alder.

VelvetxAlder: Rip. It would never have worked.

NeedlexRain: Ship! I actually liked this one, even though Rain was part of the Kin.

VioletxTree: Ship! I like Tree and Violet together a lot and I think Tree is a funny character.

TwigxAlder: Rip. That just is terrible. Plus, I’m not a big fan of Twig or Alder.

TwigxFin: Rip. Fin was silly in moving clans to be with Twig! She just annoys me so much. Although, Fin isn’t much better.

HeatherxBreeze: Ship! They just work well and it’s a sweet couple!

The Broken Code

IvyxFern: Rip… Only because we never really knew Fern, and I just wish we got to see more of him in Ivy’s pov, although he wasn’t even born, which bothers me more…

BristlexStem: Rip. They were better as friends, and everything seemed to work out well.

BristlexRoot: Ship! Ship! Ship! They are so great together! When Bristle died😭 I was crying and I felt Root’s pain.

SpotxStem: Rip. Spot was terrible! I didn’t like her much at all. Stem deserved someone better.

ShadowxAsh: no. No. NO!!!

A Starless Clan

FrostxSplash: this is a very sad relationship. I definitely Rip them, even if Frost cares for Splash.

SunxNight: Maybe. It really is neither ship or rip for me because I’m not sure how this turns out yet. They are both good characters I guess.

SunxBlaze: Rip. Blaze is meant to be with Light.

LightxBlaze: Ship! They love each other so much and have known each other since Light was born!! So cute!!!

FringewhiskerxSpireclaw: Ship! They deserve to be together. Fringewhisker certainly passed her tests!

Ok! All done!! My hands started hurting from typing, so if there were more ships or more books I may have skipped over, post them in the chat and I’ll say if a ship or rip it! Otherwise, have a great rest of your day/night and may Starclan light your path!!

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