[Tallstar sits among the tall grass of the moors, gazing over his shoulder]

Why Tallstar is My favorite character! by Spiritwalker

Spiritwalker shares why they love Tallstar.

[Tallstar sits among the tall grass of the moors, gazing over his shoulder]
Art by snickerdoobles
[Tallstar sits among the tall grass of the moors, gazing over his shoulder]

Hello Blogclanners! It’s me, Spiritwalker! As some of you might know, Tallstar is and has been my favorite character for Years! At first I couldn’t process why, but I finally know why I love this furball so much! [ Note: His may contain Spoilers for Tallstar’s revenge, though it’s been out since forever 😛 ]

I really liked Tallstar even before I read Tallstar’s Revenge, and I couldn’t understand why, I assume it was because of his loving nature, thoughtfulness, and his unusual connection to thunderclan! But when I read Tallstar’s revenge a deeper love for this character developed.
I love this character for MANY reasons but I decided to narrow it down a bit.

1. Tallstar is AMAZING Lgbtq+ representation in Warriors!

I never made contact with anyone who disagrees, or strongly opposes the theory that Tallstar is Gay. I found Tallstar’s and Jake’s relationship so sweet, and when I found out that, Kate has said Tallstar never took a mate or had kits because his heart always belonged to Jake. So to see that this ship was relatively canon was beautiful and they had such sweet moments together, I almost cried during their farewell. While there is much more to say here, let’s move onto the next reason.

2. Tallstar is a Peace-keeper!

This may seem to “Widespread” to simply narrow down, but I think it sums it up. Tallstar isn’t afraid to Back down from a fight if it keeps his Clanmates safe is what some cats would call weakness, but Tallstar knows better than most the cost of needless bloodshed, and will seek after more peaceful solutions whenever he can. He never stirred unwanted battles unless he felt really motivated. He wanted what was best for WindClan, and tried to keep the peace with all the clans, which isn’t very common in Warriors

3. He learns from his mistakes, and accepts his own flaws.

In Tallstar’s Revenge, Tallstar learns revenge isn’t needed, and I love this! He learns from his mistakes and becomes a better cat in the end, and in further books he doesn’t abandon his morals, sticking by them, even when it seems impossible. Not to mention that he IS a flawed character, and that’s okay!

4. Tallstar is such a Relatable character!

It is easy to feel the anger and sadness that he experiences when being bullied by Shrewclaw, ignored by Palebird and of course, Sandgorse’s death and his hunt for Sparrow afterwards, in Tallstar’s revenge. Also the fact Tallstar wanted his father’s approval and never got it is so saddening. [Boo Sandgorse! Bad Sandgorse! support your brilliant child!] Along with his separation from Jake, and so many more losses throughout his life. I was touched when they finally reunited.

So in conclusion, I find that Tallstar is a beautiful, well-developed character, with just as many flaws as he does strength. He is unique and wise, and most of all… My favorite Gay Cat ever! Thank you for reading everyone!

Your very lovely friend, Sprite!

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