[a full-body design of Briarlight with her colour palette]

I tried the warrior cats favorite picker by Lynxpaw

Lynxpaw lists their favourite characters as determined by the Warrior Cats favourite picker.

[a full-body design of Briarlight with her colour palette]
Art by flash-the-artist
[a full-body design of Briarlight with her colour palette]

Hi guys! Lynxpaw here! So, I tried the warrior cats favorite picker and it took A WHILE.
But anways, I hope enjoy!
I just love his determination and his relationship with Bristlefrost in the Broken Code. And I really like his character design. (Bristlexroot)
9. Ivypool
I used to prefer Dovewing, but I think Ivypool is a better character. (Dovewings pretty cool too, tho) I think that she should have been part of the three. (IvyxBlossom)
8. Tree
“Just think bush.” He’s so funny! Unlike Rootspring, I would have been proud to have him as my father! (TreexViolet)
7. Jayfeather
I don’t know that I’ve ever read about a character in warrior cats with a personality like his. He is so unique! (JayxBriar)
I love her new graphic novel! And she and Cloudtail are so wonderful. (In case you can tell, I ship Cloudxbright.)
Her super edition was probably my favorite. And she had such a sad life! I felt sooooo bad for her ): (BluexOak)
4. Yellowfang
I just finished her super edition and I now know that I hate Raggedstar!! Ugh! He expected her to go against the medicine cat code and be his mate in secret?! He was only thinking about himself. Anyway, Yellowfang really cool, and sometimes she reminds me of Jayfeather. (YellowfangxNO ONE)
3. Violetshine
I used to like Twigbranch more, but I tend to gravitate towards really unfortunate characters. Poor Violetshine! She had to live in Shadowclan with no one who loved her but Needletail, and Needletail was constantly getting into trouble.
2. Briarlight
I cried when she died. Seriously, we were in the car and my mom was like, why are you crying? And I was like Briarlight died! *Goes in the corner and cries some more

*Drumroll* My absolute favorite warrior cats is…….

1. Squirrelflight!!!!!
Oh.My.Gosh. Where do I start with her?! I love her feisty personality and her determination in the new prophecy when they went to search for a new home. Some people say she was a little anoying, but she was only an apprentice, and she has grown into a wonderful cat. (ShrewxSquirrel) (And also Bramblestar sucks!!)

Well, thats it for today. Hope you enjoyed!

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