[Tigerstar bares his fangs at twilight, his orange eyes glowing]

Why I Think (da first) Tigerclaw(star) is DUMB by LilyIris

LilyIris shares their thoughts on the first Tigerstar.

[Tigerstar bares his fangs at twilight, his orange eyes glowing]
Art by Wings-of-North
[Tigerstar bares his fangs at twilight, his orange eyes glowing]

Okay, y’all heard of the FIRST Tigerclaw, right? And I think he is stoooopid!
Wait what? How?
LilyIris, what are u talking about?! He literally took over Shadowclan, killed Redtail, possibly Lionheart, attacked Bluestar, almost killing Firestar (both times), created and ruled Tigerclan (for about 3 seconds), and almost DECIMATED THE ENTIRE FOUR CLANS!

Yes, yes, yes, yes. But there is one mistake that if he never made, he would have succeeded in TAKING over Thunderclan, POSSIBLY Shadowclan, therefore creating Tigerclan with Riverclan and Windclan would have no choice but to join Tigerclan.
So, what is that mistake?

The mistake he committed happened very early on after he killed Redtail, POSSIBLY killed Lionheart, and became deputy.
First of all, WHY ON EARTH DO YOU HAVE TO TRY AND KILL BLUESTAR?!!!!!!?!?!?!?!!?
He could have waited until she lost all her lives, AND THEN he could have been leader right then and there.
But no, our BRO’S too fancy for that. He just HAD to conspire with Brokentail(star)’s rogues, and Fireheart found out, causing him to be banished from Thunderclan.
At that time, I don’t think Fireheart (or was it Firepaw) had enough evidence to convict him of crimes, so nothing could really deprive Tigerclaw of his deputyship UNTIL he plotted to kill Bluestar.
Like what?!?!? Tigerclaw, you already succeeded in being deputy! Just behave yourself, be a good cat and wait!
Wait no, Tigerclaw wasn’t a good cat. I guess evil cats don’t have common sense.

Also, it’s pretty stupid when Tigerclaw was in da Dark Forest, he let Brambleclaw in. First of all, HE ALREADY REJECTED YOUR TEACHINGS AS A KIT!

For example, look at this;

“What do you say?” Tigerstar prompted. “ThunderClan is finished. There is nothing there for you.”
“Join you?” Bramblepaw growled. He paused, swallowing as he fought to control his anger. When he spoke again his words rang out clearly so that every cat in the clearing could hear him.
“Join you?” he repeated. “After everything you’ve done? I’d rather die!”

OK, you know what, he rejected him as an apprentice. But if your kit says something like that to you, then you know

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