[various cats with literal designs/interpretations of their name]

Random Cat’s Real Purrsonas, Part Two by Dawnpaw

Dawnpaw takes more names literally.

[various cats with literal designs/interpretations of their name]
Art by Br33z3w1ng
[various cats with literal designs/interpretations of their name]

Hello, and welcome to part two of Random Cat’s Real Purrsonas! You have all decided I should make part two, so… I got some random cats! Hope you enjoy!
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1. Petalfur: a small gray-and-white petal with fur and an amber pistil. How it has fur is a mystery. I should call The Detective over… *goes to Sparrowstrike* What do you think about this?
Sparrowstrike: Hmmm… She’s definitely a mysterious cat… I would say she is… made out of petals!
Hmm. Very helpful. Makes a lot of… sense. Just like the rest of this article 😀
2. Bramblestar: a dark brown bramble-tom with no eyes. I don’t think brambles have eyes. It also has star points instead of thorns. Very interesting bramble… wait, why is it in the shape of a cat? Uh, can someone explain this phenomenon?
3. Mothwing: a dappled golden wing. It is in a display case of an insect addict’s home, and it fell off a golden moth with amber eyes. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.
4. Dewspots: a spotted gray tabby she-cat with green eyes. Her pelt always catches dew somehow, and the spots on her pelt are actually water marks. So cool, right?
5. Duskwater: a blue-gray female water with a white belly and chest. She only appears at dusk for some reason. Cool! I wonder why she’s so rare. Now that I think of it, she reminds me of Emberdawn…
6. Jayfeather: a gray tabby jay feather. Once, it belonged to a blind jay, but it crashed into a tree it couldn’t detect, and this is one of the feathers that remain.
7. Birchbark: a beige tree. Not all that surprising, birch trees are usually white and beige.
8. Sharptooth: wow, he must have really sharp teeth! He is a mountain lion, though, so it’s not that surprising.
9. Ashheart: a pale gray she-cat with blue eyes. Her heart is made of ash, which makes it surprising that she (according to the warriors website) isn’t related to Berryheart.
10. Bristlefrost: a thick-iced she-cat with blue-green eyes, neat ears, and long whiskers. She is made out of ice spikes, which makes her look like she’s constantly bristling. Makes me wonder how she got Rootspring out of that lake. How can she even move?
11. Whiskernose: a light brown whisker set, with a light brown nose in the middle. It is not attached to a cat.
12. Squirrelflight: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… a dark ginger flying squirrel with one white paw and green eyes? Even though she is a flying squirrel, she is a cat, which makes no sense.
13. Mothpelt: a black-and-brown tom with amber eyes. Or that’s what you think… He actually is made out of black, brown, and amber-colored moths, which all flutter together in the shape of a cat.
14. Cloverfoot: a gray tabby she-cat. She has feet made out of very strong clovers, and is very worried she’d have to give up her deputy position and turn into an elder if they start to wilt.
15. Brokenstar: a matted, dark brown tabby star with a broad, flat face (like faces on a cube), bent tips, and orange eyes. He is split in half, and is only kept together by a little bit of starry-ness left.
16. Frostfur: a pure snow-white she-cat with dark sky-blue eyes and sleek, soft fur. But how exactly is it so soft and sleek if it’s made of frost? Isn’t frost spiky? Huh.
17. Skyheart: a pale brown tabby she-cat with green eyes and torn ears. She is very loving, as her heart is as big as the sky. She doesn’t save her kindness for everycat, though…
18. Alderheart: a dark ginger alder tree. They are very rare. He has a heart carved into him, probably a sign some lovebirds left.
19. Emberkit: a brown-and-white tabby tom-ember with feather-soft fur. You guessed it: he’s made out of embers! He will never feel the joy of standing in the rain, for the fear his flames will die out… Well, he’s dead anyway, and StarClan never has rain, so he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore! Happy endings make me happy 🙂
20. Mudthorn: a brown tom with black ears. He isn’t made out of mud, no, but whenever he touches thorns they turn into mud… Is that a blessing or a curse?
21. Blizzardwing: Wait. Is he a blizzard? Or a wing? Or… both? But then, how is he a cat? Should I say it instead of he? What’s going on here? CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME-
22. Birchfall: a light brown tabby tom with amber eyes and glossy fur. But… aren’t birch trees white? Oh wait… he’s falling… RUN FOR YOUR LIFEEEEEEEEEEEE
23. Stemkit: An orange tabby tom… that is a stem. Must be a Night-Flowering Jasmine, they have orange stems! Can’t wait for him to grow, I like beautiful flowers.
24. Leopardstar: a dappled golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Basically just like normal, leopards are cats, remember? And she already looks like a leopard. She’s just a little more… starry. Huh.
Another 24 cats complete! What do you think about these? Are they better or worse than the previous ones?
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