Cadvent Day 21!

Hey all, welcome back!! Why is today’s Cadvent so late? Well, I was running around all day finishing my Christmas shopping – but that’s done, and I’m ready to kick back and relax for the rest of the evening 😀

First up today is Vixenpaw’s cat, Roxy!

a photo taken from under a table of a brown and white tabby cat, sitting under a chair

Roxy looks so sneaky…I wonder what she’s up to! What a cute cat 😀 thanks so much for sharing this, Vixenpaw!

Mistpaw has also sent in an awesome picture, simply captioned, “when you’re tryna get hot cocoa”

a drawing of a grey cat with blue eyes spilling a cup of hot chocolate. text reads “whoops”

Oh no!! Poor cat 🙁 I hope it gets another cup of hot chocolate! I love the drawing though!! I feel totally immersed in this scene and honestly…I just want some hot cocoa now 😛

Lastly for today, Hazypaw sent in a picture of their kitten, Sparky, admiring a Christmas tree!

a picture of a calico kitten looking at a Christmas tree. text reads “merry christmas”

What a cozy photo! I wonder what Sparky thinks of the Christmas tree…thanks for sharing, Hazypaw!

Thanks everyone for continuing to send in photos!! If you haven’t seen any pictures you’ve sent in any of these posts, I truly apologize – feel free to send them in again so they’re near the top of the submissions pile! It’s likely they got buried (or that they weren’t necessarily winter themed/pet photos!!)

Have a great rest of your day, friends!