Cadvent Day 22!

Hey all, welcome back!! Only 2 more days of Cadvent left – wowee! Any fun plans for today? 🙂

Firstly, Sandpaw sent in a photo in memory of their hamster, Luna, who sadly didn’t get to see the holidays this year. They sent in a photo of another hamster, Humphrey instead, saying:

I was really sad that my last hamster, Luna, never got to live to be in the Cadvent, even though she was so young. She deserved it so much, and she was so close to December. 😦 Though, to be more positive, Sunny’s probably enjoying bragging to Luna in heaven about her Cadvent picture. That’s sure to make Luna get all grumpy. 😂🥲 As for Humphrey, he’s such a sweet little boy, and looks like a cute, floofy smore! He warmed up to my family really quick, which I’m surprised about since my other hamsters took a while to get used to us. Well, that’s probably because female hams are more angsty. 😛 I loved photoshooting this holiday photo of him, and I hope you all enjoy it!

a gold, black, and white hamster sits in a pile of fake snow in front of a plaque reading “believe”

This is a beautiful photo, Sandpaw – I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into creating the scene, thank you so much for sharing with us <3

Skypaw sent in a lovely photo of their stuffed animals in the Christmas tree!

two stuffed animals sit in a Christmas tree

This is adorable!! They look so cozy in the tree 😀 thanks for sharing, Skypaw!

Lastly, Amberleaf sent in a picture of a Christmas card they made for their oboe teacher!

a picture of a drawing of a calico cat sitting in a Christmas tree. text reads “Merry Christmas”

That’s very kind of you to make this card, Amberleaf, and I love the drawing on the front! This is so cool 😀

That’s all for today, folks!! I’ll see you tomorrow 😀



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