[a side profile of Yellowfang carefully examining an herb with a purple flower in her paws]

OVER rated cats by Alpinepaw

Alpinepaw lists characters they think are overrated.

[a side profile of Yellowfang carefully examining an herb with a purple flower in her paws]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[a side profile of Yellowfang carefully examining an herb with a purple flower in her paws]

Hello, this is my very first article and my name is alpinepaw. Today I’ll be mentioning over rated cats, (please remember this is my opinion not yours, you may harshly disagree >:D) I also mindfully tell you this may contain spoilers if you haven’t read most of the series (Into the wild-Starless clan) So enough of chitchatting let’s get into this!
1. Firestar, now before you go and kill me, listen. Despite being a kittypet he got into the clan, but I don’t get if you’re a kittypet you get to be leader! Okay so he was appointed by Bluestar. But I don’t see all the the other kittypets becoming leader! People over like the character just because of a prophecy about fire that might have not be about him!
2. Yellowfang, before is start I just have to say I love Yellowfang but don’t think she’s the best cat ever. So she was only in 4 books (when she was alive) And I find it annoying how she sticks around. You may be confused of what I’m saying but she’s been in SIX BOOK SERIES and only was alive in FOUR books. How about Yellowfang lets someone else talk to the clan cats, it’s not all about her.
3. Spottedleaf, I don’t know what to say, she’s VERY creepy. Do you want a ghost following you around, and her relationship with Firestar is disgusting, SHE ONLY KNEW FIRESTAR FOR 4 MOON’S and HE WAS AN APPRENTICE SHE IS A MEDICINE CAT OVER 3 YEARS OLD.
4. Tigerstar (heart), I HATE the second Tigerstar I mean his relationship with Dovewing is annoying and led her to leaving Thunderclan. He’s a replay of the first Tigerstar (claw) but with less braincells. I don’t get why everybody thinks his intentions are good.
5. Lionblaze isn’t too overated just because he’s SO strong, I feel like he should have left the series by now. Let me explain there can always be another Lionblaze, any cat can be strong. But like for unique cats like Jayfeather which his powers don’t make him unique but personalitie.
WELL this is the end of my artical hopefully you enjoyed reading it!

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  • Great article, but I don’t really think any of these cats are overrated fandomwise, but the authors and the cats in the actual books sure overrate them!

    Firestar- So true. He was a great leader and was written with minimal to nonexistent flaws, but his legacy was so great that Nightheart, a cat who was born several years after him, had his whole life greatly affected because of Firestar. And he was always credited as the cat who ‘led the Clans to the lake’ when that was actually the doing of probably a dozen different cats. Overall the authors are completely obsessed with him and leak that into the Clans, so his legacy will be remembered forever.

    Yellowfang- Absolutely! But it’s even worse than what you said. Every cat (and the authors) seems to forget that the whole disaster of The Broken Code could have been easily prevented if Yellowfang hadn’t let Ashfur into StarClan out of personal sympathy. Because she cared more about her feelings than any logic, reason, or justice, she let more than a dozen innocent cats die in varyingly horrible ways, some even losing their afterlife. And no cat thinks any worse than her. She’s still a god to the living cats even though she let those cats die and lied to Squirrelflight in Leafpool’s Wish, again out of personal sympathy, making Leafpool and Squirrelflight partake in something that maybe could’ve been done better.

    Spottedleaf- Spottedleaf didn’t really do anything wrong. The warrior cats have shown multiple times that they don’t care about age gaps, so SpottedFire was okay in their minds. And it was made clear multiple times that Spottedleaf was supposed to be a lot younger then she actually was in Into the Wild, evidenced by when Graypaw called Spottedleaf young and Darkstripe old when Spottedleaf was older than Darkstripe. And SpottedThistle wasn’t Spottedleaf’s fault, she was groomed. She was the victim. And she actually knew Firestar for more like two moons, at most.

    Tigerheart- You’ll notice the authors’ tendency to seriously favorite strong but really dumb cats, and make them seem like amazing cats when they are only a few paw steps away from being as bad as the villains (Lionblaze, Tigerheart, Lionheart to an extent). Tigerheart is one. He was a whole bunch of bad things that made him really seem like the villain at times (especially in the two most recent arcs). Although his relationship with Dovewing is actually the only thing I like about him.

    Lionblaze- Pretty much the same thing as Tigerheart, with the bad things he did with the authors still loving him.

    • Yellowfang was not the only cat Ashfur fooled in starclan. Hollyleaf, the cat he tried to KILL was okay with him being there! And what happened in Leafpool’s Wish was because the thought of having another Brokenstar made her slowly go insane! It was not because she was self-centered!

    • 🏝️Oakpaw/swamp🏝️she/her🤌🤌Oaky is LOVING the winter vibes! 🥶❄️☃️⛄️🛷🎄🎶🎵Don’t give up on me ‘cause I’m just in a rut🎵🎶 says:

      True, but Spottedleaf did keep watching Firestar even after he had kits with Sandstorm… that just really bothered me.

  • Disagree with Yellowfang. Scourge is loved greatly and he was only in a few books. And Yellowfang is in a ton of books. Just because she’s not alive does not mean she’s not still a character. A butchered character latter on, sure, but still a character.

  • Great article! I would’ve added Squirrelflight, because I feel like the main reason people like her is because of the “abusive” ship between her and Brambleclaw, which I don’t necessarily agree with (my opinion. I know a lot of people think otherwise). I understand she has the “girlboss” type of personality, but that is becoming pretty normal as the series goes on. Examples: Ivypool, Needletail, Sleekwhisker etc etc. But I agree with all of them, and I love your name, btw!

  • I love Yellowfang, but I also agree that what she did with Ashfur was pretty dumb. I agree with you on everything but her and Spottedleaf. Great article!

    • Yellowfang wasn’t the only one to argue for Ashfur. Hollyleaf, the cat he’d nearly killed, forgave him and said he belonged there.

  • 🦌Vixenpaw the Reindeer, reporting for duty! 🦌 Striped Vixen Chasing the Sleigh?🎵"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away..."🎵 says:

    I hate to be that guy, but Dovewing left ThunderClan on her own accord!

  • i like firestar he is the main cat in the first books he led the clan when bluestar was overwelmed from tigerclaw so i don’t see why in like every article people have to HATE on firestar also yellowfang mentored cinderpelt and died for a elder so please stop hating on firestar and yellowfang because they are really good cats in the book

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