[Leopardstar snarling as water splashes in front of her]

Thoughts on Leopardstar’s Honor- from a new warriors fan by Claywhisker

Claywhisker shares their thoughts after reading Leopardstar’s Honor.

[Leopardstar snarling as water splashes in front of her]
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[Leopardstar snarling as water splashes in front of her]

Hello all! This is my first article on BlogClan. I figured I should talk about Leopardstar’s Honor because I just finished it a few days ago. For context, I’m a relatively new reader of the series and I just started reading the books about a year ago. As for the main series books, I’m currently on book 4 of OotS, and Leopardstar’s Honor is the first non-main series book I’ve read. Here are my thoughts.

When I was reading TPB, Leopardstar was always one of my favorite characters. I liked how antagonistic she was without being outright evil, and I always wondered what was going on in her head. I tend to enjoy morally dubious girlbosses in almost all media I consume, (Peril best WoF dragon anyone???) and Leopardstar seemed to fit those qualities perfectly. So you can imagine how excited I was when I learned that there was an entire 450 page book about her. So of course, I checked it out from the library at the first available opportunity.

Now you can imagine how disappointed I was when the book turned out to be 50 pages of interesting character drama, 400 of tepid filler. I feel like they really butchered Leopardstar’s whole morally grey aspects that made her interesting, and by retconning her to be a pure sweet, good saint cat who was a victim of circumstances more than anything, it retroactively made her much less interesting.

Now, the book wasn’t all bad. Some of the aspects I really liked about it were Leopardstar’s conflict with her father, the way her trauma caused by Skykit affected her and gave her a fear of the water, and the way her relationship with Whiteclaw was explored more in depth. In my opinion, the book really shines in the first half, where it isn’t basically just the events of the first series copy pasted. I like how Sunfish was like a sister to her as she didn’t have one, how she connected with Whiteclaw over the grief of losing Sunfish.

However, now it’s time to talk about probably my biggest problem with the whole book.
Frogleap. Why does every female cat have to have some kind of romantic subplot? I always headcannoned Leopardstar as aro/ace, why did this book have to rip this away from me?!?! The whole Frogleap thing severely dampens Leopardstar as a character,

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  • This is a really good article =) I haven’t actually read leopardstars honer but this article make me want to! Also yes peril is the best wings of fire character. (At least that I have gotten to so far)

  • 🌿Leafpaw/shine🌿| Leaf that shines under the sunlight| looking for a mentor| Leafy is excited for Christmas!!!!| says:

    Great article, but I haven’t read it yet 🙂

    • 🏝️Oakpaw/swamp🏝️she/her🤌🤌Oaky is LOVING the winter vibes! 🥶❄️☃️⛄️🛷🎄🎶🎵Don’t give up on me ‘cause I’m just in a rut🎵🎶 says:

      Haha, I read your comment and thought you meant you hadn’t read the article yet, so I got confused 😛

  • Solarpaw/flare |❄️Flare of Solar Light on Winter Breeze❄️| S/H |🎄Awesome Frogstorm's apprentice!🎄|☃️"Merry Mathmas!"☃️| Running for SW! says:

    This is a great article! I totally agree, Leopardstar’s Honor was kinda annoying

  • I actually highly enjoyed the book^^ Leopardstar is my 7th favorite character, and oddly enjough, Leopardstar’s Honor is currently my 7th favorite book xD

    I really liked how they showed events from the first arc from her POV. While it basically repeated what we know, it was nice to know Leopardstar’s thought on those events, like how she was annoyed that Graystripe burried Silverstream instead of bringing her body back to RiverClan (honestly that always bugged me). But what I loved about this the most… was that Graystripe and Firestar were the antagonists of this story this way xD Seriously, those two, mostly Graystripe, are ruining Leopardstar’s life throughout most of the book. How in the world she made peace with Graystripe enough to be happy when he returned to the Clans in The Sight, I’ll never know.

    I don’t think Frogleap dampens Leopardstar’s character, quite the opposite. It showed that she had to chose (because HE couldn’t deal with his mate being the deputy :eyeroll:) between love and duty she chose duty. It’s more admirable than her having no interest in love whatsover. Besides, ever since the Ultimate Guide, there was this stupid thing about her having a crush on Tigerstar and THAT being the reason for her joining TigerClan. I am super glad this book fixed that, that it was HE who hit on her, and while she might have entertained the thought after it, her main reason for joining him were good of the Clan and the “threat of a kittypet that would stoop so low as to send a spy to RiverClan” (and Graystripe indeed as a spy and traitor, even though Fireheart hadn’t send him there), I always felt that diminished her character.

    (Also the book proved what I always know since Fire and Ice, that Silverstream was a stuck up spoiled brat, a daddy’s little princess that could do whatever she wanted ;p)

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