[Shadowpaw and Bristlefrost sit around a small Rootpaw]

The Could Have Been Better Series 2 by Owlkit

Owlkit wonders what else could be better about the storylines in Warriors.

[Shadowpaw and Bristlefrost sit around a small Rootpaw]
Art by GalaxyMew
[Shadowpaw and Bristlefrost sit around a small Rootpaw]

Yes, Hello, this is the second part of the series and we are here to chat about the storyline of every book of every arc. (Oh yeah and I’m Owlkit 😀 )

The storyline/plot is what sets up every book. The problem and solution; this is what plays so well in the Warriors series as the problem seems to be something the main cats can’t handle. Something so out of their reach they find it so difficult. But the repetition in the series are the prophecies. There is always a prophecy or a quote that guides the arc to the finish.
But what if that didn’t happen? What if against all odds reality defied StarClan and unleashed an attack no one had been expecting (Even StarClan). Or what if one StarClan cat saw something coming no other StarClan cat did? There’s always something hinting that a strange occurrence will appear out of peace.
And sometimes I love the storyline. TBC (The Broken Code) was really one of their best series. The plot was what I said before, not even StarClan had foreseen this.
And what if it was even weirder, what if StarClan had foreseen something, but only half of what was really going to happen?
But what if it was the other way around; what if Warriors had been controlled by a cat so powerful nobody could stop them until StarClan appears with a message that might crumble the reign apart in the slice of a claw.

But even though this annoys me so much (😝) it still is a good way for a book to go; since there has been more than 1 main character for a long long time, every chapter ends with a cliffhanger. And I can’t stop reading, because I’m always waiting for that cliffhanger to be revealed, but on the way to that cliffhanger another one comes up and so on.

But what’s great is they make it match the real world (in some parts) where victory doesn’t always mean it. Maybe you lost a life of one of your clanmates, maybe two lives were lost, maybe more. And it doesn’t seem fair; but life isn’t fair sooooooo…
But maybe death isn’t always it, maybe there was a forest fire that destroyed the camp and killed cats. Maybe there was an earthquake that obliterated the forests (okay that might be a bit too dramatic) but you get the idea. There was a good example here in AVoS where the RiverClan camp was destroyed by Darktail. Though we didn’t see much of it, it was an appearance of power that Darktail left behind when he died.

Another great plot is where the three main characters are separated into different clans at the start, and then later come together to defeat whatever evil arose. But maybe they were together from the start.
They were divided as time grew on and they disagreed and argued. And then later they come together to take down the villain of the arc and realise not all power lies in being alone.

And taking this one of P.O.T I can make a change. Yes it was a good storyline, but I’m making things better so….. (Different/better whatever) What if they didn’t know they were related. And eventually time came and they were told by their mysterious mother/father and then they had to work together without even knowing each other. Now it may seem bland But what if they knew they had littermates; and just didn’t know who they were? And they had spent all this time trying to find out. And eventually they meet at the exact same place and discover the truth…..

Well, that’s all for me today (of course, this is only my opinion, The Erins have lots of good storylines as well) I hope you enjoyed my article and there will be a part 3 coming hopefully soon. Thank you and ciao <3

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