[a close-up headshot of Fallen Leaves peering out of the darkness]

🌿Fallen Leaves🌿 By TansyBranch

TansyPaw takes a look at Fallen Leaves.

[a close-up headshot of Fallen Leaves peering out of the darkness]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[a close-up headshot of Fallen Leaves peering out of the darkness]

Alright. ELLO!!
Its me Tansyyyyyy IM BACKKKK 🙂


tOdAy I’mmmm gonna talk about a not often mentioned character and one that I think is clearly quite underrated. Fallen Leaves!

Fallen Leaves is described as a ‘scrawny, sleek, ginger-and-white patched tom. He has green eyes, a white muzzle, and small paws.’ He was once a member of skyclan and drowned in the underground tunnels near windclan during his assessment to become a sharpclaw (ancient equivalent of a warrior). I think he was a character that needed much more recognition because his story is quite interesting.

After his death, he spent countless moons stuck wandering the tunnels as a lost spirit, unable to make his way to the Tribe of Endless Hunting nor Starclan.
Jaypaw meanwhile was having nearly constant dreams and visions of his death and when tragedy struck and Jaypaw found himself stuck in the caves trying to find some lost Windclan kits and in the presence of Fallen Leaves he managed to guide them to where the kits were and later to safety.

Jaypaw declined Fallen Leaves offer of staying (I would to0) and once again left the poor tom alone in his sadness. Once again he was left alone for far too long, but then the black she-cat by the name of HollyLeaf got desperately lost and hopeless in the tunnels after an accident. Her clanmates, seemingly thinking she was dead, gave up looking and Hollyleaf was left, just like Fallen Leaves, to wander the caves alone. Luckily they found each other, and it is told that he helped her survive, nursed her back to health and even made her more comfortable by organizing tunnel patrols (this guy). After a while he even helped her escape. (I personally hope and pray that they may have had some sort of romance because they are the perfect couple in my opinion, they just relate and fit together so well.) After freeing HollyLeaf and finally feeling at purpose and with something to do, Fallen leaves was, once again, left alone.

Over the next while he occasionally appears in JayFeather’s dream’s again, accompanied by Rock, but still refusing to leave because one day he believes that his mother Broken Shadow will return for him. He attempts to help some cats make their way out of the tunnels when they get lost but HollyLeaf ends up doing it when he sadly realizes that only her and JayFeather can see him.

Finally, he participates greatly in helping during the great dark forest battle and is devastated when he finds Hollyleaf’s body, stating “She wasn’t meant to die here, Broken Shadow. I…I promised I’d see her again.”

Then he gladly and finally accompanies his mother to the Tribe of Endless Hunting where he lives out his days peacefully. (I hope)

Fallen leaves has such a intricate and sad life and I hope you can see and take more interest in this amazing character because I sure do.
Thank you for reading my article!


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