My Favorite Warriors Books by Amberpaw

Amberpaw shares their favourite books in the series.

So today I will talk about my opinion on the endings of Warriors arcs and how it relates to why I like Warriors books as a whole. I feel like every time I begin reading an arc, it only talks about Clan life and is overall pretty boring. But why am I still here in BlogClan? Because the part about Clan life is only a technique used to provide contrast between the beginning and end of an arc. Right at the end of the sixth book of an arc, the tension rises dramatically and ties the arc up perfectly. If the whole arc was very suspenseful, the sixth book (climax) would not be as distinct.

So what exactly am I talking about? To be specific, I’ll go over each series and its dramatic ending. SPOILERS FOR POT AND DOTC!

The first arc (TPB) was my first acquaintance with Warriors, so it was not boring at all, as everything was new. The second arc (TNP), in my opinion, had a very hurried ending, and overall it was pretty boring. These were the exceptions. Until I realized in POT that TNP was only a bedding. And then the sixth book of POT officially became my favorite Warriors book because of the discovery of the secret, the shock of Hollyleaf’s death, and the realization that the main character’s interpretation of the three was wrong the whole arc. I remember I screamed after finishing POT, and I got addicted and immediately started OotS. Once again, the end of OotS was very deep and dramatic, and it became my second favorite Warriors book.

And then there was DotC, which had the most dramatic contrast. I had to admit, books 1 to 5 in DotC were pretty boring and too detailed. And again, I was beginning to doubt whether I should have spent my time reading this arc WHEN GRAY WING DIED. That really brought up the tension, and at the very end of DotC, they spend an entire chapter describing Gray Wing’s death and tieing up DotC, and it was SO DRAMATIC. And if that wasn’t enough, Gray Wing brought up the name of “Clans” at the last moment of his life! This completely tied up the series as he was the center of DotC, and therefore he was the leader of the cats’ migration to the forests. It really explains why he wasn’t one of the leaders. Originally I thought there were six cats who made great leaders in DotC, and because there were only five Clans, Gray Wing sort of missed a chance to become leader. However, after Gray Wing’s death, I began to see him as the leader of the entire DotC, as the books were mostly written from his perspective. I realized the term “groups” would change to “Clans” at some point, but I was so concentrated on Slash that I completely forgot about it. And when Gray Wing brought it up at this surprising moment, it was shocking. Gray Wing became my FAVORITE character after that (he still is).

So for me, every Warriors arc used this dramatic contrast to intensify the last book in the arc. And that made me really enjoy the last books of each arc, which contributed to making me enjoy Warriors as a whole. Sunrise, The Last Hope, and Path of Stars made up ten times for how “boring” the previous books in the arcs were, so I’m positive that Warriors included some of the best books I’ve read. Do you have any favorite Warriors books or plots, or does every book have the same impact on your overall impression of Warriors?


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