[a headshot of Firestar surrounded by orange flames]

Bravest warrior cat’s vs cowardly warrior cats by Zealpelt

Zealpelt lists the bravest and the most cowardly characters from the series.

[a headshot of Firestar surrounded by orange flames]
Art by onzuna
[a headshot of Firestar surrounded by orange flames]

Hello everybody my name is Zealpelt and am new to blogclan! Today I will be showing you all some of the most bravest warrior cats and some of the most cowardly cats!!!

First up we have bravest warrior’s.

1. Firestar.
Well evey one knows while Firestar is good, he leaves his soft kittypet life to become a warrior! The only flaw in Firstar is he has no flaws! We like to see other people struggle because we do and some times we don’t like when we are different. I’m not saying Firestar was not tempted some times he was like he could of stayed a kittypet or he could have ran away from the clans because he thought he would not make a good leader! But in the end it all comes down to one thing a matter of choice.

2. Bramblestar. ( claw )
Bramblestar is one of the most real characters he’s smart and brave he has flaws but in the end he turned out a good cat. The reason he made it on the list is because he had a rough start but he fought against what people said about he’s father and him because he new that they were wrong and he knew that he could be himself.

3. Honeyfern.
You may ask why she made it on this list but I feal like people didn’t give her enough credit she saved Brairkit! Berrynose moved on and so did the other cats in her clan. The only other thing that gave her attention was when Jayfeather and Poppyfrost got attacked by Breezepelt and Honeyfern saved them. Over all I think she should have had more credit she literally gave her life for another cat!

4. Ravenpaw.
I know some people think he’s a whimp and he ran away from the clans but he was actually one of the most bravest cats ever! Why, well first of all he had a reason to run he was living in a clan with a murder that no cat knew about, and second he was very brave to tell Fireheart about Tigerstar ( claw ) In the end he was very brave for different reasons.

5. Ivypool.
If you want to know why she’s brave well she went to the dark forest and back every night! That’s pretty much cat tourture! Every night she went to the dark forest and spied for Thunderclan! And she’s my favorite character so I have a little soft spot for her.
Cowardly cats.

1. sol.
To be honest Sol is one of my least favorite characters he’s cowardly and runs away from his problems. So you probably know why he’s on this list, but he was not always like that he had litter mates and and almost a normal life. Some people say it was because of his parents but evey one has a choice and he chose the wrong one!

2. Ashfur.
He was not really cowardly on the outside but on the outside. How? Well, he was weak when Squirrelflight gave him up over Brambleclaw he couldn’t handle life and he just wanted to hurt her instead, if he really loved her he would want whats best for her and that was Brambleclaw.

3. Hawkfrost.
You probably have noticed that all the cats on the are villains? Why? Villains are insecure and don’t care what people think. They don’t even feel uncomfortable in there own self choice’s! And Hawkfrost was definitely one of those villains he wanted Brambleclaw to kill Firestar becouse he couldn’t or wouldn’t do it himself!

4. Scourge.
He is on this list for the same reason as Hawkfrost. He fealt ashamed about what people thought about him so he felt he had to be different or have power to impress people. His littermates didn’t like him so felt like he had to be a better person. In the end it all adds up self doubt, a matter of choice and cowardness.

I hope you liked this article and I hope it helped you.

Zealpelt out.

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