[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]

My favorite warrior cats and why by Zealpelt

Zealpelt lists their favourite characters from the series.

[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]
Art by flash-the-artist
[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]

Brightheart is my tenth favorite cat. Why you ask? Well, she just feels like a real character, people like to see when other people aren’t perfect because it makes them feel good. After getting her face torn apart fans have just loved her ever since. Bright Heart just has such a cool story. And I love her and Cloudtail’s relationship. It’s just nice having a cat to care so much Without Cloudtail, Brightheart would be so lost.

9. Alderheart. It’s been so long since I read A Vision of Shadows but he was definitely my favorite cat from that series. He’s just a really sweet character. I don’t know if it was just because he was a medicine cat or what but I like him. It surprises me that he’s Squirrelflight’s kit; he’s just so nice and brave.

Feathertail. Here’s the reason why she made it on this list. First of all, she was really brave, like when she sacrificed herself to kill Sharptooth and when she and her brother were captured by Tigerstar and his new clan Tigerclan! But the real reason I love her so much is her relationship with crowfeather! Why you may ask well Crowfeather at the time Crowpaw was all angry because he left and didn’t get his warrior name, but Feathertail helped him, encouraged him along the way, and even saved him from Sharptooth.


Yellowfang. The main reason I like her is because I read her super edion and it was amazing!
I highly recommend it if you still haven’t read it. She was really brave to take care of the elders in exile from the Shadowclan graphic novel.


Stonefur. I love the part when he saves Featherpaw and Stormpaw. He was so brave and I guess that’s why I like him so much. Plus he had a really hard life figuring out that Bluestar was his mom!

Graywing. I love Dawn of the Clans so much the drama between Graywing and Clearsky had me burning through the series. Graywing is such a perfect character brave, honest, and loving. He was so kind to Turtletail even though he didn’t even love her at first.

Brambleclaw. Ahh Brambleclaw I have to be honest I miss him and I wish they had kept his story going longer it’s not fair that Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Loinblaze get two series in a row while other characters are left in the dust. But enough of them let’s talk about Brambleclaw! I have to say Brambleclaw is one of the bravest warrior cats out there, and not just physically but mentally the way he pushed aside the temptation to kill Firestar when he was in the fox trap and killing his half-brother Hawkfrost that must have taken a lot of courage.

Rootspring. He has a really complex story his relationship with Bristlefrost was interesting to watch not that it turned out good in the end but yeah he was very brave and sweet. Am glad that they made him have some depth to him like him being and his dad’s thing or about seeing ghosts but over all he was fun to watch.

Ivypool. She is such an inspiring cat going to the dark forest every night, being a spy by her own choice she was very brave. I like the drama between her and Dovewing like when Ivypool felt like she was not getting enough attention because she had powers but in the end Ivypool figured out that her sister was part of a prophecy and the dark forest was evil.


Hawkwing my number one on this list, why you may wonder well first of all you have to read his super edition at first I was like oh cool new cat Hawkwing whatever but then I read his super edition and it blew my mind! After the death of his mate Pebbleshine he must have felt so lost but he kept going even though he had no home and Darktail had driven the hole of Skyclan away and Hawking’s father and brother were dead! But he is most definitely my favorite cat.

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