[Bristlefrost sits on a fallen tree trunk in the forest]

Let’s hope we meet Bristlefrost again by Cherrywings

Cherrywings wonders if it would be possible for Bristlefrost to be brought back.

[Bristlefrost sits on a fallen tree trunk in the forest]
Art by BeintingOwo
[Bristlefrost sits on a fallen tree trunk in the forest]

Bristlefrost is a brave cat who appeared in the arc ‘The Broken Code’. She is the first character to be killed when being a main character. (Other than Flametail, who didn’t really count as he only had a book.) Not to mention, she wouldn’t end up in StarClan. She would die forever.

Bristlefrost had sacrafied her life and risk it a lot of times to save the five living Clans and the two after-life places, StarClan and Dark Forest. I strongly belive that it is not fair that she will fade away and never be seen again, especially to poor Rootspring.

Bristlefrost is one of the talented cats who became a warrior pretty quickly after saving Rootspring as an apprentice. She had so much to offer, yet she did everything, even if it meant dying forwever, to save the clans and let them hang onto the world. It costed her … Her everything.

So my question here is, is it possible to meet the original Bristlefrost again, or have another version of her? (Bristlekit of Spotfur is not the same.)

When she faded away, does she really fade away? Or is there a place for spirits who are long from contact?

In the real world, dead can never connect the living. So what if that is the same for what had happen to Bristlefrost, Spottedleaf, Snowtuff and several others? If all the StarClan and Dark Forest members died forever, would they meet again.

Or would the spirits be captured and reborn into the world, that in few generations later, these cats would have another life in the clan? So their lives are not just darkness?

I really hope we meet these cats again, especially Bristlefrost, who is one of my very favourite characters. Maybe there will be a book -super edition, novella- starred on the cats who died from StarClan or the Dark Forest.

Is it fair to get rid those cats forever and cut off their connection, or is it for the best? Would StarClan and maybe Dark Forest cats disappeared to join their lost friends? What if the living cats lost their vision powers.

But on the other hand, it is probably best if the cats are mentioned again. So how will anyone do that? Keep them close but away at the same time?

I would love to hear your conclusion, but this is mine.

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