[a side profile design of Mothwing, who looks towards the viewer]

Cats that deserve starclan! by Zealpelt

Zealpelt lists characters who should go to StarClan.

[a side profile design of Mothwing, who looks towards the viewer]
Art by Songsteps-Designs
[a side profile design of Mothwing, who looks towards the viewer]

Hello every one this is Zealpelt aging and today I will be sharing with you cats that deserve starclan weather or not they are a live or dead. Know lets dive right in to this!

1. Mothwing.
Mothwing has a lot of personality but over all I think she is a good cat. The reason she deserves starclan well number one she’s still a great medicine cat even thought she doe’s not believe in starclan, and number two she see’s what other cats can not see like she asked Leafpool once that dying doe’s not allways make cats smarter and that its ok to have a friend in another clan! But if they don’t make her go to starclan I think we can all agree that we will be mad!!😡

2. Juniperclaw.
If you remember him then you get a thumbs up👍. But any way I just don’t like were starclan put him in the end! I feel like it just wasn’t fare. He deserved so much more SPOILER ALERT He thought he was doing the right thing when he poisoned the prey pile rather then just wanting to hurt cats. He should of had more.

3. Bristlefrost.
You know why she’s on this list. She didn’t even go to starclan when she worked so hard and plus Rootspring will never be able to see her aging! People always say they cryed on the scene of her death but I feel like they never really knew what they were crying about, if you think about it long and hard she’s gone forever and every!!!

4. Spottedleaf.
I know that she did go to starclan in the first place, but she gave her life and still didn’t go to starclan! She’s on her the same reason as Bristlefrost she gave it her all and still did’t get what she deserved.

5. Mapleshade.
I know some people really hate her or really love her but there’s no inbetween when it comes to Mapleshade fans. Her story is very Complicated. You can blame her mate AppleDusk for a lot of it but it was her choice to love him or not. And in the end, she did deserve Starclan. No matter what she did. It was because of the cats around her that made her so cruel!

6. Cloudtail.
I know a lot of people hate Cloudtail, he’s not my favorite either but it would just be weird if he did not go to starclan, His mate will go there, his kits are up there I just feel that he would be kind of strange! Plus lol it would be funny to see the look on his face!!!😂

7. Tree
It’s kind of strange if you think about it, does Tree believe in Starclan? They never really mentioned it. Like Cloudtail, his kits and mate will go there when they die, so I feel like it would be awkward if he didn’t go there. I know he was a part of the sisters and that might make him a little strange, but I like Tree and VioletShines relationship.

8. Bluestar.
You might ask me why is BlueStar on this list? Well, I’ve heard a lot of people say that BlueStar should have not gone to Starclan! And that kind of rude because she’s literally sacrificed her life for her clan in the end. I know she did some bad things like get angry at StarClan and FireHeart, but she made it good in the end. And she for sure deserves starclan.

9. Breezepelt.
I know you might think that’s a little weird he’s on this list he was and is a complete jerk, but It was probably just because of crowfeather and nightcloud’s relationship. Really messed him up and made him angry.

10. Ravenpaw.
Its strange he gave Bramblestar a life but in Ravenpaw’s farewell he decided to go were ever Barley goes? And they never said that that would be starclan!!! But if he didn’t go there I still think he deserves starclan.

Well that’s it please ask questions or leave a comment. 😁

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