[a full-body design of Reedshine with his colour palette]

Defending reedshine by rookstar

Rookstar defends Reedshine’s character.

[a full-body design of Reedshine with his colour palette]
Art by warriorcatsdatabase
[a full-body design of Reedshine with his colour palette]

Hello everyone!
Today I will be defending reedshine!
The reason why I’m doing this is because reedshine gets alot of hate for absolutely no reason.

1. She “stole” mapleshade

This is absolutely not true! She never even knew mapleshade at the time! I think this is one of the things that gets her the MOST hate. I hope you understand that she did not steal him!

2. She is “annoying”

This is somewhat true. People think she is annoying because. When she found out about appledusk’s affair, she celebrated the LOYALTY to riverclan….
Anyways atleast she is kind and forgiving I guess. It’s kinda dumb I know…

3. She is “mean” to mapleshade

Would you be mean to someone who when you came up pregnant and saw your MATE FIGHTING SOMEONE AND YOU GET POUNCED AT INSTEAD THEN YOUR MATE JUMPS IN THE WAY AND DIES INSTEAD!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?

This is just ugh……

4. They are a good couple

This is true, they are a good couple. They just seem, perfect. But that’s my opinion. Plus! If they where never a couple, then many big characters wouldn’t of existed! Like mistystar. I cant think of anyone else at the moment but I know there is. And maybe he saw mapleshade not waiting for the storm to stop then crossing the river as a bad sign? Who knows?

5. Mapleshade is “better” than reedshine

This is completely on opinions but I’ll do it as the nicest.
There’s no doubt that reedshine is a nicer cat. She is loyal has courage and is very forgiving!
On the other paw, mapleshade is unloyal to her clan (because of breaking the warrior code) but she has alot of courage, butbonly because of her seeking revenge. And she isn’t forgiving. She is also revenge seeking. Come on, she killed 4 cats! All because her kits drowned because of her unwise choice.

Why, why WHY! She is innocent and a loyal mate….
And she gets the most hate out of the three?!?!!?!

Oh I know, sorry if this makes you a little angry but I just had to let it out because reedshines so innocent.
It’s not your fault that you like mapleshade, I get it she’s likeable. But this is mostly to stop the hate with reedshine…

Anyways I’ll go before I get attacked by the comments…..

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    • That’s alright! I don’t personally like appledusk. I’m trying to point out that reedshine has hate for basically no reason.

  • I don’t agree. When Mapleshade came to their camp Reedshine was one of the first cats to mark that she shouldn’t be there. She also marked very much that Appledusk where her mate now by leaning up on him. She didn’t show any sympathy for Maple when she stood there half drowned with three dead kits. She also supported Appledusk to betray Mapleshade. She’s also quite annoying how she should be around Appledusk THE WHOLE time. Like gurl! There is more things to do! Your pregnant! You don’t need to go with him to train HIS appretice, HIS! NOT YOURS you have litteraly nothing to do there. Okay that was some reasons to why I disagree.
    Bye,Bye Girlies and Ehm.. Guys?

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