[a full-body design of Sparkpelt in profile]

Why Sparkpelt should be deputy by Lemonsplash

Lemonsplash argues why they think Sparkpelt should be the new deputy of ThunderClan.

[a full-body design of Sparkpelt in profile]
Art by skyperch (tumblr)
[a full-body design of Sparkpelt in profile]

In the world of warriors, the deputy holds a crucial position, serving as the right-hand cat to the leader and often taking on the responsibility of leading the clan in the absence of their leader. With the current deputy, Squirrelflight, preparing to step into the role of ThunderClan leader, the question of who will take on the deputy position is a matter of great importance. While both Sparkpelt and Ivypool have proven themselves to be loyal and capable warriors, there are several compelling reasons why Sparkpelt should be chosen as deputy over Ivypool.

First and foremost, Sparkpelt has consistently showcased strong leadership skills and a deep commitment to ThunderClan. From a young age, she has demonstrated her courage, intelligence, and ability to think on her feet. Throughout her time as a warrior, Sparkpelt has shown unwavering dedication to her clan, always putting the needs of ThunderClan above her own. She has proven herself to be a fierce and skilled fighter, always willing to defend her clan and its members in times of danger.

Furthermore, Sparkpelt has a strong connection to StarClan and a deep understanding of the warrior code. She has consistently demonstrated wisdom and maturity beyond her years, making her a reliable and trustworthy cat to serve as deputy. Her strong moral compass and unwavering sense of duty to ThunderClan make her an ideal candidate for the deputy position.

In contrast, while Ivypool has also shown dedication and bravery in her own right, she lacks the same level of experience and maturity as Sparkpelt. Ivypool has a complicated past, having initially trained with the Dark Forest and struggled with her loyalty to ThunderClan. While she has since proven herself and redeemed her actions, there are still lingering doubts about her judgment and ability to lead the clan effectively.

Ultimately, the deputy of ThunderClan should embody the values and strengths that define the clan, and Sparkpelt exemplifies these qualities more than Ivypool. With her unwavering loyalty, strong leadership skills, and deep connection to StarClan, Sparkpelt is the ideal candidate to step into the role of deputy and serve ThunderClan with honor and integrity.

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  • I have to disagree. Good article, but Sparkpelt was not suited to be dep. First of all, Ivypool was older and had an app. I don’t think sparkpelt had one. Correct me if I’m wrong. Ivypool had lots of maturity. When Sparkpelt lost her mate and kit, she was devastated and would only come out of her nest to make dirt. The only reason she would even play with her kits was because Squilf had to persuade her. I know she’s recovered and all, but she was acting like Bluepaw but much sadder. The kits had started to think Daisy was their mom. Sorry for the rant, but that’s why I think Ivypool is a better dep. Not like, undermining your article, I hope! Good job!

    • 🎶 You never knew how wonderful that smile could make someone feel 💖 Flamepaw/spirit is in her post-Christmas depression 🎄 ✨Outstanding Ospreysplash's apprentice 💗 She/her 🔥 Happy 2024!! 🎆 says:

      (I believe Sparkpelt mentored Twigbranch after Ivypool moved to the nursery! ^^)

  • Brackentuft the T.M.N.T. Fan - Donnie is the best!!!!!!!! | Brackie/Bracken/Tufty | I love Umbreon and Lucario! | Huntlow forever!!!!!!! | WE DEMAND A SEASON 3 OF ROTTMNT | Mentor to the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her says:

    Great article! But I disagree. Ivypool is a better fit for the position. Sparkpelt is too brash sometimes and often says or does stuff without thinking about it. When Nightheart is going through a difficult time and changes his name, Sparkpelt doesn’t support him, she does the opposite of what a mother SHOULD do! Instead of helping him, she judges him and doesn’t try to see things from his point of view. In Sparkpelt’s eyes she is always right, she doesn’t even try to see things differently. I also feel like Squilf wouldn’t want the whole, “Oh it’s hereditary monarchy!” going on again. (Even though Ivypool is also related to Firestar, Sparkpelt is related directly) Anyways, I am not trying to undermine Sparkpelt, this is just why I think Ivypool is better suited to be deputy.

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