[a full-body design of Needleclaw sitting hunched over]

Side Sequel – Needleclaw by kittykat

kittykat shines the spotlight on Needleclaw.

[a full-body design of Needleclaw sitting hunched over]
Art by CaptainBW
[a full-body design of Needleclaw sitting hunched over]

Hiya, kittykat here, and welcome to the first article I’ve done in ages!

I felt like talking about Needleclaw from The Broken Code, generally because I love this character and she’s a great cat!


Needleclaw is born to Violetshine and Tree, two prominent characters in the previous arc. Obviously, Violetshine had a lot going on with her life, especially after the Sleekwhisker business. They both had interesting backgrounds, and would probably make an impact on how Needleclaw would act from their stories.

Needleclaw is an AMAZING sister to Rootspring. She protects him from Kitepaw and Turtlepaw when they are mocking him, and teaches him how to deal with them by saying that he shouldn’t worry about what his Clanmates think.
Can we just appreciate the links to real life? Apprentices are effectively teenagers (depending on how old they are in their apprenticeship) and, at this stage of a human’s life is when we mainly worry about what other people think. This is harder than it sounds in practice, and is a great mention in the books, in my opinion.

Despite how reassuring she is, Needleclaw does have a fair amount of flaws.

She is quite quickly angered, shown prominently when she got annoyed when she wasn’t able to catch a bird in The Silent Thaw. However, she swiftly calmed herself down when she realised that it wasn’t the end of the world.

Adding onto that spiral, this warrior can get triggered over subjects relating to other cats, and is shown to be a bit like Hollyleaf in Darkness Within when she yells that Finleap and Dovewing were breaking the rules.

Needleclaw is realistic, which can cause her to be negative at times. When she doesn’t get results she tends to move on.

PERSONALITY (from my perspective)

Needleclaw is naturally driven to get results. She is goal and bottom-line oriented, and she can be very persuasive in promoting her ideas and goals. This she-cat gets easily annoyed when others do not comply with their instructions or direction but passes quickly; quickly aroused, easily calmed.
This she-cat is reassuring around those she loves, especially her brother, Rootspring, who she cares deeply for.
Needleclaw is realistic and takes a win/lose approach to life, meaning when she doesn’t get results she moves on, and sees much importance to details.

I hope you enjoyed!

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