[Yellowfang and Cinderpelt sort herbs in the medicine cat den]

Do these cats deserve better lives? by Honeyfrost

Honeyfrost wonders if these cats should’ve gotten better lives than what they got.

[Yellowfang and Cinderpelt sort herbs in the medicine cat den]
Artist unknown (Source: Pinterest)
[Yellowfang and Cinderpelt sort herbs in the medicine cat den]

Hello, Honeyfrost with her…third or fourth (lol I don’t know) article! Today I will discuss cats who deserved a reincarnation, or at least deserved better in the lives they lived. This might include characters from newer books so if you haven’t read them, this is your spoiler warning!

To start, I figured I would begin with, you guessed it, Mapleshade! So. I do not believe she deserves reincarnation, but I do believe that she could have had a better life. First off, really Appledusk? He turned away his mate, a mother in grief, who had just lost HIS kits, then jumped onto the cat he had cheated on her with (as she states that she’s pregnant when she-cats usually don’t notice until they’re about a moon into the pregnancy), and then he had that ‘noble’ act of sacrifice. The only thing she had left after she was exiled was her kits…and they drowned. So, she went to her mate, Appledusk, and what happened? He turns her away in her time of need? (NO this is NOT approving of her actions).
Second, no one can control who or what they love. Just imagine yourself in this situation. “Oh, I love this cat, Appledusk. But he’s in RiverClan! I’ll just let my clanmates believe that it was Birchface…nothing can go wrong, right?” Wrong. Everything goes downhill from this point, and you somewhat know of the things you have done wrong. If all you had were your children, and then they died…wouldn’t you go crazy?

Continuing onto my next choice, Nightheart! I know this cat isn’t dead, but his life could be SOOO different! So…we all know he is the son of Sparkpelt, Firestar’s granddaughter and Squirrelflight’s daughter. His original name was Flameheart, which I feel doesn’t make sense to me. He is a NIGHT-BLACK TOM. Where do you get ‘flame’ from that? That’s just it, you don’t. Sparkpelt probably wanted to keep the theme, maybe. He was named after Firestar. This is so not fair to him. At all. There are so many other cats that could be named after Firestar’s legacy, but it had to be Nightheart. See, this only affected Nightheart. I think I know why, though. Firestar, Squirrelflight, and Sparkpelt were named for what they LOOKED LIKE, not their ancestors. But, it’s different for Nightheart. He was named Flamekit just so his great-grandfather (whom he never met) could still have a legacy (name-wise) in the Clan. Like, Finchlight wasn’t named after HER ancestors, was she?

The last cat I want to focus on is Yellowfang. So, not only does she form a forbidden relationship with Raggedpelt/star, but she also becomes pregnant. She bore three kits, two of which died. Wishkit, Hopekit, and Brokenkit. Giving up her son to Lizardstripe (she was just-). She later mentored Runningnose, as her son rises to leader (after killing his own father-)
Yellowfang’s mother, Brightflower, gave birth to two kits, Marigoldkit and Mintkit, who were killed when exploring the territory (when they weren’t apprentices). Yellowfang finds their bodies and theorizes it was a fox, but Brokenstar blames her for their deaths (and Brightflower kind-of blaming too).
Later, Yellowfang’s son Brokenstar is a prisoner in her current Clan, Thunderclan, and Yellowfang doesn’t want the Clans to suffer any longer. So, she kills her own son by giving him deathberries.

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