[a portrait of Darkstripe on an orange background]

A depth look into Darkstripe by Pumakit

Pumakit takes a closer look at Darkstripe.

[a portrait of Darkstripe on an orange background]
Art by GrayPillow
[a portrait of Darkstripe on an orange background]

Hello, this is Pumakit/ Puma that prowls the forest here with my first article and I am going to talk to you about Darkstripe. You may be repulsed by this cat’s name at first, but what really transformed an innocent kit into the most devoted follower of Tigerstar?


Darkstripe’s mother was Willowpelt and his father was Tawnyspots( I think). Not much is known about his kithood. But we do know that his mentor was Tigerstar and he looked up to Tigerstar. He thought he was a hero. No wonder he had such fierce loyalty to Tigerstar. Darkstripe, a member of their clan, often found himself feeling inferior to his younger half-brother Graystripe. He couldn’t help but feel envious and resentful towards Graystripe, who seemed to receive more attention and recognition from their fellow clanmates. As a result, Darkstripe began to tease and pick on his half-brother, unable to cope with his feelings of jealousy and insecurity. He is known for his attempts to murder his half-sister Sorreltail and his involvement in the killing of Stonefur alongside Blackfoot. It is revealed later in the series that Rainwhisker and Sootfur are his half-brothers. Despite his treacherous actions, he remains a complex and fascinating character in the series.

Darkstripe was killed by his half-brother Graystripe. Later, he appeared as a Dark Forest cat and was killed by Rootspring/Firestar in the broken code. However, there are still unanswered questions about him.

Darkstripe from innocent kit to treacherous thunderclan warrior to Shadowclan warrior to Bloodclan warrior and finally to Dark Forest Cat.

So yeah, I guess that’s the end of this article but here’s some bonus content containing errors. ” Ravenpaw was bullied by his fierce mentor Tigerpaw.” This is what it actually says in my book. In the book “Rising Storm”, Darkstripe is having an intense conversation with Ashfur. It makes me wonder if Darkstripe was trying to manipulate Ashfur into becoming the treacherous warrior he is known for today. Darkstripe is quite misunderstood in one of my friend’s opinion but what do you think of him. please type below in the comments. Pumakit signing off.

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