BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange 2023: Your Gifts!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this year’s gift exchange! All your gifts were absolutely wonderful and this community never fails to blow me away with your talent!

To find your name in this big post: if you’re on a computer, do (ctrl + f). If you can’t find it, try your warrior name or nickname. Ex: Goldenpaw is named as Goldenfawn or Goldi.

Thank you SO MUCH to the amazing volunteers who helped with replacements for gifts that weren’t turned in: Embershine, Viperfrost, Mapledrift, Leaffrost, Ospreysplash, Amberleaf, Rosefern, and Eggsnake! Please send them all your love and appreciation in the comments, they deserve it! 😀  I also did a few gifts myself. c:

I hope y’all had an amazing holiday season and have a great new year. 🙂 Thank you for your patience whilst the blog was down!

Now, onto the gifts!

To Sunpaw (Sundawn)

“Yay I got Sundawn! I hope you have a super happy holidays! ILYSM! I hope you enjoyed this poem I wrote for you”
Spectacular Sundawn: a poem
Snowflakes blanket the world in white
Untouched, perfect white
Now the world looks festive
Despite the bitter cold
A Christmas tree in the window
With a cat curled up beneath it
Now, this fluffy ginger kitty is happily enjoying the happy holidays! ~End~

To Lilykit (Lilydawn)

For a version without the text, click here!

To Addersong

“hello there adderpaw i hope you like my gifts! have great day – egg”

To Glitchedstorm/Obsidianeyes

“Merry Christmas Glitchy <333 I hope you have a great one and enjoy the drawing I made you! I don’t know you all that well on the blog, but I am sure that you are very sweet <3”

To Dawnpaw (Dawnshine)

To Cedarpaw (Cedarsplash)

To Tansypaw (Tansybranch)

To Emeraldkit (Emeraldmist)

“Hello Emeraldkit!
Wishing you an amazing Christmas,
From Amberleaf 💜”

To Amberleaf

Hello, my very dear, amazing, awesome Amberleaf! It’s me, your mysterious (😛) gifter! Here’s the (hopefully nice) gift I made for you!

For the first part of the gift, I wanted to make you a drawing of your purrsona. Unfortunately, I can’t draw, so I used a template to create it!

I also added a Santa hat because this is a Christmas Gift Exchange!

Next, I have another drawing for you! From what I was told, you like gaming. Therefore, I looked for a picture with one of the games you said you like, and this time used my own (non-existent) artistic talent to draw your purrsona as a character playing it! I didn’t know what version you play, so I took a guess. Hope you like it!

Isn’t it beautiful, my artistic art? 😛

Here’s the drawing itself (very artistic, right 😛)

And that’s pretty much it! I really hope you’re having the bestest time right now, and I also hope you’ve enjoyed this little art gift! I know it’s not much, but I really had a lot of fun making it!

Your Mysterious Gifter 🎅🎅

To Dawnpaw (Dawnwind)

Dear Gift Buddy, I have my first present ready! 🎁
Gift Numero Uno: A Canva Design Made with Love ❤️

To Lightningslash

Hi, Lightningslash! I thought to start, I would introduce myself to you. My name is Honeyfrost and I decided to join in the fun of the celebratories for this year because I figured it would be good for me! I apologize if you don’t like it, I would have made a drawing too, but I can’t draw haha. I just wanted to begin by saying that I hope you enjoy this, and happy holidays to you and everyone else! This short story for you will be entitled Lost (featuring Lightningslash) I also know it’s not much, but I’ll do what I can 😌 Also, this is the first story I’ve made that is in first perspective and is a short story.

My ears rang and my eyesight blurred with a sense I had never quite felt before. Where am I? Am I…dead? whispered the thoughts inside my head, a twisting path leading to what could be my demise. My eyes sparkled and flinched as my head lifted from the ground, seeing the majestic and breathtaking florid orange rise from the horizon that was lit outside of the den I resided in.

A young grey-black she-cat with white markings/flecks and electric-blue eyes stood over me. I blinked for a second, then shook my head. My head shook as a grey-black (with white markings) paw wandered over my eyes, just to make sure I was conscious. I gave a gasp, my head spinning.

Blood and scenes of different fur and scents flashed before my eyes. I watched as a dark blue-grey she-cat with a cream chest ran past me, her dark blue eyes soft, but determined. Still like the wind, I watched as cats swarmed to her, as she fell to the ground below her. I gave a gulp, twisting around. A dark shadow-y tom broke through the swarm of cats, approaching the frail she-cat. Tears formed from my eyes, a silent yowl escaping me. That cat…I knew her. But who was she? My head gave up a pounding headache as I reached towards the cat, much to my despair.


I was back to where I was, staring into the she-cat’s eyes. I looked up at her, my eyes round as the moon. The expression before me softened, anxiety and pity in her eyes. Who is this cat? I couldn’t remember barely anything, just my name and the pain I felt. Lightningslash, that was my name. It sounded weird and hard to say on the tongue. It didn’t feel like it belonged to me, or anyone.

“Are you…okay? You must be confused, but what happened just now? It looked like you were about to reach Starclan,” meowed the she-cat. Did I belong here, in this weird ‘camp’? I opened my mouth, but closed them a moment later, finding nothing to say. The she-cat looked at me with a scared expression, and touched her paw to my ears, then pulled them away. She looked to the side for a second, after my silence, but eventually returned the gaze.

“Do you know where you are? Or what just happened?” meowed the she-cat. I closed my eyes, squeezing them for an answer. Nothing. A burning feeling settled in my chest as the silence dawned on us, so I slowly shook my head in response.
Sighing, the she-cat sighed and exited the den. I gave a sigh, and looked at my paws. Where was I? I opened my eyes, and the scents flooded through me, not being distracted from the cat interrogating me. I could tell it was a medicine den, at least I knew that, the sharp and minty smells made me give up a cough.
Soon, the she-cat returned, with a reddish-brown tabby she-cat by her side. I gave up another sigh, feeling what could be coming.

“This is Cakestar, our leader, the leader of BlogClan.”
The tabby straightened herself with a sense of pride once the grey-black she-cat finished her sentence, which made me narrow my eyes in nervousness. I looked back at the grey-black she-cat, and back towards Cakestar.
What was it that made me lose…whatever I lost?

To Aurapaw (Auragleam)

“Hi Aurapaw! Happy Holidays! Before I give you the gifts, I wanted to let you know how amazing you are. The world is lucky to have you <3

Hope you like the Christmas scene and headshot I made you! Feel free to use either of them as your pfp :)”

Happy Holidays again!


To Vixenpaw (Vixenstripe)

“Happy Holidays Vixen! I hope your year is filled with fun, magic, cats, books, and the awesomeness that you are! Even though I haven’t spoke to you much on the blog, from what I’ve seen, you seem like a super duper awesome person! <3 I hope to get to know you more in the future, and I hope you like my gift! Happy holidays <3”

Your buddy,

To Pandadrift

“happy holidays, pandi!! I hope you have a great time with friends and family throughout the season and that all your wishes come true :)”

To Redblaze

“Hi Red!! You are literally so sweet, funny, friendly and just awesome!!! Good luck getting into veterinary school (not that you need it). I always smile whenever I see your friendly comments on the Blog or your lovely messages on Discord. You’re the best!! <33”


To Nettlespring

To Honeyfrost

“Hi Honeyfrost! How are you? Doing anything fun? I sure hope so! Here you have the gift I made for you. Since you said you like both Warriors and the Wings of Fire series, I decided to write you a short story featuring Wings of Fire in the Warriors universe. I obviously couldn’t have written an entire novel, so I chose to write a tiny bit of the first book. You can continue it, if you want to (I will almost certainly too 😛). I hope it’s alright, it’s my first time doing things like this, and I’m also a new Wings of Fire reader. Anyway, enjoy!”

Click here for your gift!

To Dovestream

To Wattlepaw (Wattleflower)

To Swiftfeather

“Hi Swift! Happy Holidays!! 🎶🤍 I hope you have a wonderful time and get to spend lots of time with family and friends. You’re such a kind person and I love seeing your comments on the Blog because you’re always so positive and enthusiastic about everything! Hope you like the drawing! From your Gift Exchange Buddy 🎄❄️☃️”

To Silentpaw

To Echoheart

To Rosepaw (Rosefern)

Click here for your gift!

To Creamypaw (Creamymist)

Cat lover🐱
You are amazing 🤩 
Postitive 😁
Awesome 👍
Wonderful 😃
!…plain old ! ❗

To Aspenpaw (Aspenflight)

To Skysong

“happy insert holiday :D”

To Polarecho

A poem dedicated to Polarito, the Greatest Dorito:

Oh Polarito, the Mighty Dorito
With Dorito powers that can fell a mosquito
From twenty yards away!
Oh Polarito, the Greatest, the Cheezy Cheeto,
With Dorito powers far superior to Fritos,
BlogClan is blessed with your presence each day!
Dorito dust on all her toes
You’d better run and shelter
No time to regret or speak your woes
For Polarito is coming
With a Dorito aura around her!

To Scorchmist

To Lilacpaw (Lilacbloom)

Love and happiness fills the field as
Ice flutter down from the sky.
Little foals, old horses
All of them are watching in awe.
Calling the equines, I walk toward them
But they are too busy celebrating this phenomenon.
Looking at the snowy hills, I turn around, but
One of them then yowls my name loud and clear.
Oh, how I felt joy as they shouted:
“Merry Christmas, Lilac!”

To Thornpaw (Thornleaf)

“Happy Holidays, Thornleaf! Hope you have a great day and rest of the year!
Your Secret Santa  ;)”

To Mothfrost

To Mistpaw (Mistfeather)

To Jasminepaw (Jasminesong)

To Leafpaw (Leaffrost)

To Flamedove

“Hey Flameggy! You are an awesome person on the blog, and the blog is really lucky to have you! I hope you realize that you are loved wherever you go <3 and I hope you like your gift and have an awesome Christmas and an even better new year!”

To Cloudpaw (Cloudsong)

“Dear Cloudpaw,
This is Vixenpaw, here to give you a gift! I made you this!

hope you like it!

To Needlepaw (Needlestorm)

To Solarpaw (Solarflare)

“Hi Sols!! I hope you like these doodles I made, and who knows? Maybe you’ll figure out who this is hehe 😉 Happy holidays!!!” -Your Buddy 😀

To Scorchpaw (Scorchlight)

“Happy Holidays, Wynn! You’re such an amazing BlogClanner, and your comments always bring a smile to my face! I’m so glad I met you, and that we’re friends!! Keep being awesome <3”

To Hazypaw (Hazyfrost)

“Hi, Hazypaw! I hope you have a happy holiday! I wish you the best:)”

Always there to help
Zuper funny!
Ready to help
Online and always listening
Super sweet
Tough and strong!

Happy holidays!!!

To Havenpaw (Havenwillow)

In shadows sleek, a she-cat roams,
A beauty rare, her presence known.
Her coat, a deep abyss of night,
Black as darkness, pure and bright.

But on her face, a vibrant grace,
Yellow stripes with orange embrace.
They mark her visage, fierce and bold,
A fiery tale they long to unfold.

Her eyes, a gentle violet hue,
Like blossoms kissed by morning dew.
They shimmer, dance, enchant the soul,
A glimpse of stars that make us whole.

To Stripepaw (Stripefrost)

To Emberpaw (Embershine)

To Shadeleap

To Lemonpaw (Lemonfreckle)

“Happy Holidays, Lemonpaw!”

To Honeybeam

To Quietmoth

To Tigerlily

“Hi Tigerlily! I read you like tennis (that’s so cool!) so I drew this—your purrsona with a wonky visor cap (and a tennis ball badge on it so it doesn’t get confused with other visor cap sports). I hope you like it! And I hope you had a fantastical holiday season, and wishing you nothing but the best for the upcoming year! Sending lots and lots of positivity and cheer your way! <33”

To Foampaw (Foamtail)

To Flamecloud

“”hi flamflam!! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season and that you have the best year ever in 2024!! you’re so funny and kind, and always a delight to talk to. ;D””

To Olivepaw (Oliveshard)

To Sandbreeze

“Hi Sandbreeze! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season 😄 you’re an amazing and kind BlogClanner who is so welcoming and accepting, the Blog wouldn’t be the same without you!”

To Cloudpaw (Cloudthorn)

To Lynxpaw (Lynxclaw)

“hi lynxpaw!!! i made this based on your interest in outdoor life, hope you like :))”

To Shiveringpaw (Shiveringpool)

To CrookedLarkEye

To Whitewhiskers

“Hi Whitewhiskers!! You’re a wonderful member of the blog, I love hearing you talk about the books as it’s so nice to have the perspective of someone older than the other members, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate. Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you!!! I hope it brings wonderful things. And I hope you enjoy the art I’ve drawn for you as well!”

To Rowanpaw (Rowanleaf)

“Hiya Rowan! Here’s a little story for you. I really hope that you enjoy this gift and that you have amazing, awesome and fun filled holidays! 🙂

Click here for your gift!

Hope you liked it Rowan! (Sorry if you are seeing this and the story isn’t quite finished, I’m quite busy in the holidays!)”

To Clownpaw (Clownspark)

To Spiritpaw (Spiritwillow)

To Hollymist

To Beepaw (Beewhisker)

To Brackentuft

To Spiritflight

“Hey Spiri! Hope you have a nice Christmas 🙂 I made a drawing of you and your cats Tiki and Chesterman just being cool and stuff :P”

“This took me forever lol 😛 Hope you like it! I don’t know you all that well, but I’d love to get to know you better!” -Skypaw/shimmer (call me Shimmz!)

To Lilybreeze

To Irisflower

To Riverspirit

To Owlpaw (Owlfeather)

Click here for your gift!

To Wolfpaw (Wolfwhisper)

To Icemeadow

To Frostwillow

To Valleykit (Valleybrook)

Click here for your gift!

To Willowdawn

“Dear Willowdawn, 

Merry Christmas! Hope you have a brilliant time and that the year ahead is an awesome one. You are always kind, helpful and positive and I have loved getting to know you from when I first joined the Blog. Stay amazing!” -Quietmoth

To Briarpaw (Briarslip)

To Eggsnake

“Hello Eggsnake! Thank you for being such an amazing BlogClanner and medicine cat! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season <3″

To Sunpaw (Sunflake)

To Mountainstorm

You received two gifts!

“Hi Mounty! Happy holidays 😀 You’re an amazing med cat apprentice and overall person, you’re always so supportive, welcoming and friendly to all members of the Blog 🙂 I hope you enjoy the little drawing I made for you!””

To Spottedheart

“Dear Spottedheart,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you have a great time with family and friends!

From your special Secret Santa.”

To Rosepaw (Rosewillow)

“Hi Rosepaw!

I just want to say that you really shine on blogclan, and that you are truly one of the most kind, friendly, caring, and supportive bloggclanners out there <3 I hope you have the best Holiday season that you’ve ever had!”

Here’s an acrostic poem for you:
adical and Radiant,
optimistic and Outstanding,
supporting and sweet,
ndless wonderful words to describe you, Rose….but they won’t all fit here! <3

“I hope you like your gift! This is the first piece of digital art I’ve done with a stylus pen, and I honestly think it could have turned out better…. but I really enjoyed drawing your purr, so when I improve, I would really enjoy drawing you again if you ever need some art!” 


To Reedpaw (Reedsway)

Hey Reeds!
Holiday season is here! Don’t stress about whatever is gonna happen, because you’re uniquely
(Yes I know it’s a bit Cliche but I hope you like it! This is the best my five braincells can do)

To Magnoliaglow

“Happy holidays Nola! You’re an amazing, friendly and caring member of the Blog! Here’s a little drawing of your purrsona that I hope you like! 😊”

To Swansprinkle

“hi Swan! Happy holidays 😀 you’re and incredible person and it’s a joy seeing you around, I hope you like this drawing 😊

To Shiverpaw (Shiverwind)

You got two gifts!

“Hi Shiverpaw! Merry Christmas if you celebrate, but otherwise happy holidays! I hope you have a wonderful new year”

To Ripplepaw (Rippledawn)

“Happy Holidays Rippledawn!! I hope you have a wonderful festive period and an amazing new year!!!”

To Moonspirit

“Hi Moons!! Happy holidays, I hope you like this gift, sorry if it’s a little rushed <3 I tried to draw one of the gem things from madoka magica with no knowledge other than what my friend told me so I hope it looks right!!!”

To Bluebellsponge

“MERRY CHRISTMAS BELLA! Happy holidays to you, I really hope you enjoy this piece of your sona!!!”

To Magicshine

To Cloverwish

To Lilacpaw (Lilactuft)

Part one –
The snow leopard cub opened their eyes. They could see one big shape, and two small shapes.
“My cub, go back to sleep. It is the middle of the night, and we only get up at dawn and dusk,” the mother leopard licked her cub, and they squeaked in protest. “I think I’ll name you Lilac.”
By now, Lilac could see their mother more clearly. She was a giant grey female snow leopard with olive green eyes and paws the size of a baby seal. Then, they looked at her siblings, who looked like miniature versions of their mother! Next, Lilac twisted her head around to look at themself (or part of themself). Lilac looked like their mother as well!
“Now now, you have to go back to sleep now. Rest is good for you,” their mother warned Lilac.
Lilac rolled their eyes, but obeyed their mother.
Why can’t I stay awake longer? I’ve just opened my eyes, and I want to explore! they thought to themself, but as soon as they lay down, Lilac was fast asleep.

A few months later..
“Now, we learn to hunt!”
Lilac almost jumped up and down in excitement! They was sitting next to their easily-scared brother Seal (who was the smallest one in the litter) and their over-confident sister, Blaze (the largest in the litter). They were fed up with moving across the land, and play fighting was boring, so today was the best day of Lilac’s life so far!
“Lilac? Lilac, I seriously hope that you are paying attention to me!” Lilac’s mother glared at them. “Someday, I won’t be able to help you, and you will have to look after yourself.”
“Sorry mama..” Lilac muttered, even though they wasn’t sorry at all.
Lilac’s mother was showing them how to stalk their prey, and Lilac decided that it was time that they started paying attention.
“Now, you try. Blaze first, then Seal, and then finally Lilac.” their mother announced when she had finished.
Blaze did it second try, and smiled smugly about it, her tail held high in the air.
“Good luck,” she whispered to Seal, as even though she was full of herself and a little bit annoying sometimes, she genuinely cared for her little brother.
“Thanks sis,” he whispered back.
Next, it was Seal. He needed a little bit more help from their mother and had to try three times before he got it right, but he was better than
“Wow Seal, you are great at this!” Blaze congratulated him.
“Not as good as you, you goody-two-shoes!” Seal pounced onto Blaze’s back, and they rolled about the ground laughing.
Lilac sighed, and then realised that it was their turn. Lilac tried to remember all the steps that their mother had taught them. First, you get down on your paws, then you..
Suddenly, everything turned black! They could hear leopards calling out in pain and fear, paws pounding the ground and the most horrible sound of all.. the sound of a gun! Lilac tried to run, but it was impossible to even move! They saw terrible things happen right before Lilac’s eyes.. snow leopard fur worn by humans, snow leopards in cages, snow leopards being killed by hunters.. And then, they blacked out.

Part two –
“Lilac? Lilac, can you hear me?”
Lilac blinked open their eyes. Lilac could see their mother, and siblings looking down at Lilac.
“Phew, your alive! Me and Seal thought that you had been killed by some type of poison or-” Blaze was cut off by a warning glare from their mother.
“Lilac, what did you see? What happened? Are you ok?” their mother worried.
“Well, I was just doing what you told me to do, but then.. everything went black, and I could hear terrible things and I couldn’t move, and I saw terrible things and.. Mama, I’m so scared!” Lilac whimpered.
“This is worse then I thought..” their mother whispered to herself, then said to Lilac, “You should get some sleep. Seal and Blaze, don’t disrupt your sister. She’s been though a lot today.”
“But-” Blaze started, but their mother cut her off.
“Just no,” she hissed.
Blaze sighed, but she must have decided against disobeying their mother, and went off to where Seal was, and they started talking under their breath. Lilac guessed that they were talking about them, because after what had just happened, how could they talk about anything else?
“Mama, what happened to me?” Lilac asked their mother, even though they knew that they would get no answers.
“You will know soon enough..” she replied.
“But.. I want to know right now!”
“Trust me, you don’t,”
“Of course I do! I just said I wanted to do,”
“That’s not what I mean!”
“Go to sleep,”

One year later..
Lilac and their family were outside the den when it happen. Their mother was guarding the den outside, her thick, fluffy fur coat fluffed up against the cold, and the cubs were playing prey and hunter. Suddenly, they heard a gun shot, and a yell, but it was not a yell a snow leopard would make, it was a human’s yell!
“Cubs, in the den!” their mother shouted loudly, and they scrambled to the den.
They hid in the darkest, smallest corners of the den, and even Blaze was scared! They could hear a human yelling again, but this time louder, and her mother crying out, “Come and get me!”
Then, there was a gun noise, and then silence.
Lilac couldn’t help themself, and yowled, “Mama! Mama, are you ok?”
There was a excited yelp from one of the humans, and they knew that now the cubs were in trouble! A grubby hand appeared from the entrance of the den, and scooped poor Blaze up, then Seal. When it was their turn to be picked up, Lilac struggled as hard as they could, and hastily bit the hostile hand. They heard a human yelp, and she knew that she had just distracted the humans. Lilac quickly ran out of the comfortable den, and ran out into the snow. They ran and ran, until they were sure that the hunters were far away. After that, Lilac slowed to a trot and started looking for shelter. They found a tree that had fallen over, and gratefully collapsed on the soft ground. That night, (even though Lilac was terribly sleepy) they was wide awake. Lilac knew that the hunters would not forget about them, and that Lilac would have to always be on the move, and they was also sad. Lilac wished that she could go to look for her siblings and mother, but she knew that they were probably dead or had became pets for humans. Lilac hated humans; as they had taken away both their safety and Lilac’s family, and caused their life to become worse. To add to their misery, every time Lilac finally got to sleep, they had terrible nightmares. From now on, they knew one other thing for sure.. that from now on, Lilac’s life was about to get a whole lot harder..

Ps: Sorry that it was short, I just didn’t have that much time 👀 Also, I completed this in just one day! 😃 I hope you like it 🙂

To Blackpaw (Blackfern)

“Have an awesome Christmas Blackpaw!! I hope you like my gift, I worked really hard on it <3”

To Leopardpaw (Leopardwind)

The Fire Of Gold
A Sonnet By Icemeadow

A Golden Fire Is Lit Within Our Hearts
The Darkest Night Melts Through To Our Desires
Without Want Or Need To Accept Our Parts
The Fire Of Gold Burns On Past The Briars
And As The Wind Howls Past The Old Oak Tree
And As The River Flows Into The Creek
The Yellow Lilies Search But They Can’t See
We Always Climb But Never Reach The Peak
The Colors Rise And Fall As Days Go By
The Monochrome Beginning’s Come To End
The Willow Tells the Spruce A Gentle Lie
That All The Shattered Futures We Will Mend
The Dawn Breaks Through To Find Another Day
The Fire Of Gold Glimmers But Never Stays

To Breezeflame

To Cheetahflame

“Seizing the day,
On your way
To making changes
That will last.
Being a good friend,
Sharing pizza,
And general good vibes.
Fast as a cheetah,
Strong as a flame
Burning away anything bad
That stands in your way
Hope you have the bestest day!!”

To Spiritwalker

“happy holidays from this silly simple doodle of your purrsona kind of looking a bit sus hahah sorry! Have a wonderful holiday season. <3 <3 <3”

To Viperpaw (Viperfang)

To Dusklight

“Happy Holidays Dusk!!! i hope you have a wonderful new year and that your festive period was brilliant!!! i love your sona a lot she was very fun to draw!”

To Silverdusk

“When I was in 5th grade, my Arts teacher told us to make a drawing called “My heart’s map”. It was basically a big heart that we had to fill with all the things we love and make it look like a map. I remembered about this project now and decided to make one for you, filled with the things you love. I know it doesn’t look very good and I’m sorry for that, but I hope that this heart I drew represents at least a little part of your heart. Merry Christmas, Silvie! ~AS”

To Marblerose

To Meadowpaw (Meadowfern)

To Mochapaw (Mochabubble)

To Hazelpaw (Hazelshine)

You received two gifts!

“”Helloo Haxelllll! You are so  kind and bright and silly and everyone loves havin you on da bloggo (Or at least, I do!) and I wish you a ultra-happy holidays! <333″”

To Flakepatch

To Skypaw (Skymist)

To Hawksoot

To Pantherpaw (Pantherfrost)

Click here for your gift!

To Goldenpaw (Goldenflight)

To Palepaw (Palesprout)

To Nightpaw (Nightmoon)

To Skypaw (Skyshimmer)

Click here for your gift!

To Falconstorm

“The sketch looked nice before, but I chose dark colored markers and kinda messed it up a little. Even with that, though, I hope you enjoy it :)”

To Bluebat

Click here for your gift!

To Sparrowstrike

To Mosspaw (Mossflame)

To Cinderbreeze

To Vanillaspark

“Happy holidays, Vanillaspark! I hope you enjoyed 2023, and I wish you a happy new year :DD”
-Your buddy, Darkkit

To Snowpaw (Snowflake)

To Smokepaw (Smokedusk)

To Applefall

To Lynxpaw (Lynxnose)

To Softpaw (Softfire)

To Leafpaw (Leafshine)

To Crowpaw

To Violetpaw (Violetfrost)

To Copperstream

To Foxpaw (Foxflame)

To Lilypaw (Lilytail)

“Happy holidays Lilo! Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a good time, and I hope you like your gift :D”

To Darkkit (Darkiris)

“Hi Darkkit! I hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays. You’re a fantastic BlogClanner, and your positive and energetic comments always make me happy. I hope you like my gift!”
-Your buddy, Lightningslash

To Lilykit (Lilyshine)

To Shroompaw (Shroompool)

“Hi, Shroompaw!
Wishing you an awesome holiday (well, I suppose by the time this came out it wouldn’t be Christmas anymore) and an excellent new year
From Amberleaf 💜”

To Meadowheart

To Nightwind

To Nettlepaw (Nettlefrost)

“Hello, Nettlefrost!
I hope you had an amazing holiday and wishing you an excellent new year
From Amberleaf  💜”

To Flamepaw (Flamespirit)

“Hiii Flamilton!!! I just poppin in to say you’re a pawsitively amazing blogclanner. Your infectious energy and enthusiasm is amazing to me and I’m just absolutely honored to be makin this 4 ya! I hope you have an amazing holidays, whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or anything in between! PS. Can you guess who this is? <3 “

To Echowillow

You received two gifts!

“Happy Holidays Echowillow!!!!!!! I hope you like this drawing of your sona, she’s got a very pretty design I love it!!!”

To Ospreysplash

Click here for sheet music!

To Mapledrift

To Eagleflight



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