[human designs of Graystripe, Fireheart, and Ravenpaw as young boys]

Human names for Warrior cats! by Hollypool

Hollypool gives human names to characters from Warriors.

[human designs of Graystripe, Fireheart, and Ravenpaw as young boys]
Art by Languidcat
[human designs of Graystripe, Fireheart, and Ravenpaw as young boys]

Hello, what is up yall! 💅 So today while I was scrolling around for no good reason, I suddenly came up with an interesting topic! I think!

Anyways, I decided I am going to give the warrior cats human names! Just because! Now, I don’t really know a lot of names because who spends their free time doing that unless they are pregnant? Not that I’m judging you, it’s perfectly, one-hundred-and-one percent fine with me. The point is, if you ever think of a better name, let me know!!! Anyways, let’s start before I bore you guys to death.

1. Snowfur
Snowfur is Bluestar’s fabulous sister, she has a snowy pelt and a kind personality. I feel like Crystal would suit her very well. It just clicks!

2. Squirrelflight
Ooh, I would say maybe Clara! Elizabeth is meh, but you guys can decide. 🙂 I really like Clara though. It reminds me of her dark ginger pelt and her personality.

3. Spottedleaf
Can I just say, this one was difficult? There was so much good names! In the end, I decided on Ava, Florence, and Aurora(no not the Disney princess). Tell me which one you like! I can’t decide.

4. Dovewing
She looks like a Sophia, right? RIGHT? Goodness, Disney is taking all the good names. But I adore Melody! It seems about a right fit. Out of Sophia and Melody, I would pick Melody.

5. Graystripe
Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything for Firestar… but I did kind of think a few ones for Graystripe! How about Harry? That’s okay, right? Okay, I need help. I can’t.

6. Lionblaze
Leo. LEO. I think Leo is perfect! It gives me the loyal, brave vibes, and remind my of golden or orange. Definitely for Lionblaze. I mean, he is brave and loyal, and has a golden pelt, and he’s just so… so Leo.

7. Hollyleaf
Holly or Evelyn. These are the two names I have found so far that, in my opinion, clicks with Hollypool right now. She kind of gives me Ivy vibes though…

8. Flametail
I would go with Rowan. It means “little redhead,” and Flametail is… well… red. Ginger, to be exact. Edward is fine, but not really, if you get what I’m saying.

Right, okay, my brain is officially not functioning. Who thought this was a good idea? Oh… me. Well, tell me if you guys want part two! One last favor: can you help me think of a warrior cat that fits perfectly with the name Britney? Thanks, Hollypool out.

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