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Giving Warrior Names to Kits & Apprentices Who Never Got the Chance by Willowkit

Willowkit gives warrior names to characters who never received one.

[a full-body design of Sweetpaw in profile]
Art by Songsteps-Designs
[a full-body design of Sweetpaw in profile]

HI! Willowkit/shade (call me Shady, sorry if it’s already taken) here who’s TOTALLY logged in. I know there have been many articles about this, but for my first article, I’ll go with something simple: giving kits and apprentices warrior names who never got the chance! Anyway, let’s get into it!

1. Mosskit
We all know Mosskit from Bluestar’s Prophecy (at least, most do). She was Bluestar’s daughter who died from hypothermia. From the glimpses we see of her, we can tell she is very energetic, playful, and happy. I think Mossheart or Mosslight would be good for her, since they capture her bouncy personality.

2. Sweetpaw
Again with BP (it was the first SE I read, and these were the first to come to mind), Sweetpaw was the daughter of Windflight and Poppydawn (named after Pinestar’s mom for some strange reason), and died of food poisoning(?). Sweetpaw was shy and more quiet. (It’s been forever since I’ve read this, so please correct me if I’m wrong.) I think Sweetshadow or Sweetpool would work, though they don’t sound that great.

3. Finchkit
Finchkit was Tallstar’s sister who died at birth. All we know about her was that she was ginger, so Finchflame, in honor of her pelt, or Finchflight. Why Finchflight? It just sounds good.

4. Marshkit
Marshkit was a ShadowClan kit in TNP, but mysteriously disappeared. His only known parent was Tallpoppy, a ShadowClan queen, and his littermates were Toadfoot and Applefur. During the “Great” Journey, he was snatched up by a hawk, but was saved by Brackenfur. According to the Warriors Wiki, “Marshkit is a little patched brown tom with orange eyes.” Marshsplash or Marshpatch could be options because of his fur. If you’re looking for something generic, he could also be Marshclaw.

5. Snowkit
Snowkit=Snowtuft theorists, I DISAGREE! However, that’s for another article. Snowkit was Speckletail’s deaf kit, who died to a hawk that snatched him out of camp. I think Snowear or Snowears would be cruel for obvious reasons (see Lostface, White-eye, etc.). I would name him Snowstorm >:3, since I imagine he would be skilled, brave, and has so much potential, or Snowcloud (caring, meek).

6. Ravenpaw
No backstory needed. Ravenpaw’s warrior name is… *drumroll*

I chose this for three reasons:
1. It shows Ravenpaw’s inner potential and courage. Though he is jumpy and anxious, he is a true, brave warrior at heart.
2. It sounds awesome.
3. I AM OBSESSED WITH HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ravenclaw is by far the best house. ;3

Thanks for reading this (if it comes out…)! If you have any corrections, ideas, or favorite names, please tell me in the comments!
Shady out!

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