Birthday Celebration Corner – January 2024!

It’s time to celebrate BlogClanners’ birthdays for January!!

So you might be wondering why this is one big post instead of many individual ones? I don’t want to detract from celebrating everyone’s birthdays here in this post, but I will explain to you all later, in the Blog Monthly, I promise. 🙂 Thank you for your understanding, and let’s go and celebrate all these wonderful people’s birthdays!!!

P.S, you might want to ctrl + f for your name as it is quite a long post!

First up, due to the Blog being down between Christmas and New Year, unfortunately, Pantherpaw/frost didn’t get a birthday post. 🙁 So we’re going to celebrate their birthday now! Pantherpaw, for today, you are now an honourary January birthday holder! 😛

Pantherpaw’s birthday was December the 27th. We all hope you had a wonderful time. If there is anything you’d like to share with us in the comments below, then you are welcome to do so! 🙂

I have a few gifts for you that were sent in from BlogClanners! 😀

This one is from Rosie (Rosepaw/fern):

“Hiy Panthy! happy birthday! When you’re on the Blog, you’re just so awesome! I’d like to say a big thank-you for giving me my secret page!!! Anyways I hope you have a awesome birthday and have as much boba as you want 😀 “

And this is from Irisflower:

“Hey Pantherpaw! 🐾🎉

Wishing you the most paw-some and adventurous birthday ever in the land of BlogClan! 🎂🎁🌟

As a fellow BlogClanner, your presence brings a sense of energy and curiosity to our virtual world. Your comments and contributions always leave us intrigued and eager for more. Thank you for being an amazing friend in our blogging community! 🌿🌟

Your determination and passion for learning are truly inspiring. You have a way of diving into new topics and exploring the depths of knowledge. Pantherpaw, you are a true seeker of wisdom! 📚✨

Today, I hope you’re surrounded by fellow BlogClanners, laughter, and all the things that make your heart leap with excitement. May this new year of your life bring you countless new discoveries, thrilling roleplays, and unforgettable moments in the BlogClan universe. 🎈🐾🎉

Happy birthday, Pantherpaw! Thank you for being an incredible friend and a cherished member of our BlogClan family. Here’s to another year of growth, friendship, and unforgettable memories. Celebrate your special day with joy and may your blogging adventures continue to be filled with excitement and wonder! 🥳🌿💖”

image of a cream cake with turquoise macaroons on top sent in by Irisflower. source = reddit/unknown

Next, for today, the 5th January, we have the birthday of Aurapaw/gleam! Woohooo!!! 😀

How’re you feeling today? Are you excited that it’s your birthday? What’re you planning to get up to in order to celebrate?

Everyone on BlogClan wishes you a wonderful time today! 🙂

I have a gift sent in for you by Val (Valleypaw/brook):

“Hi Aura! Happy birthday! Hope it’s the best one ever!!! This is the first birthday gift I’ve ever sent in, so I really hope this works out! And, surprise! I’m making a gift for everyone in 2024, and you are the very first! Congratulations, Aura! Anyways, I love you, and more than anything, I want you to have a veeeeryyyy happy birthday!

a grey tabby cat with blue eyes wearing a rainbow coloured party hat.
Art by Valleypaw/brook.

Today, the 5th January, is also Frostedmist‘s birthday!!

Hi Frostedmist! I hope you’re having a great day! Everyone on BlogClan wishes you a wonderful birthday, today! <3

Do you have any birthday plans? Are you going to have a birthday cake or something else delicious? If you want to share anything with us about your birthday, then you can do so in the comments below! (But it’s fine if not, too!!)

Val (Valleypaw/brook) has also sent you a birthday gift for today:

“FROSTIE FROSTIE FROOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AHHH, happy birthday! I love you so much, and I want to put together a gift for you, but I have to go now, so…. Tell you in the comments? Maybe on the wiki? But anyways, before I go, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!”

Art by Valleypaw/brook.
a grey cat with black paws and tail tip is sitting down.

On January the 7th, so in two days time, it will be Shiverpaw/wind‘s birthday!!! 😀 Shiverpaw, you can either read this now, or wait until your birthday!

Everyone on BlogClan hopes your day today (the 7th January) is absolutely incredible, Shiverpaw! Happy Birthday from all of us!! <3

What are your birthday plans for the day? Is there something you are especially excited about? Or are you looking forward to everything?

Whatever you get up to, I hope it is so much fun! If you’d like to tell us all about your birthday, then you can in the comments below, but this isn’t compulsory of course! 🙂

Happy Birthday!!! 🥳🎈

Here is a gift for you from Rosie (Rosepaw/fern):

“Helloo! Happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome awesome day! You’re amazing you’ve made so many happy contributions to the blog and I’m so happy you joined!”

And this gift is from Valleypaw:

Art by Valleypaw
a silver bengal cat with blue eyes wears a party hat

Scarletpaw‘s Birthday is January 10th so only 5 days to go!! :O

Are you excited for it to be your birthday, Scarletpaw? Or are you quite relaxed about your birthday? Either way, BlogClan is very glad we can celebrate your day with you! 🙂

We all hope that you have a fabulous day on the 10th January! If you want to tell us about your birthday celebrations, or what you get up to then I’m sure we’d all love to read about your day in the comments below! If you don’t want to though, then that’s cool too! 😀

I hope that your birthday goes brilliantly, but most importantly that you enjoy yourself, and have a good time that you’ll remember in years to come!

Happy Birthday from all of BlogClan!! 🎂🥳🎁

Here is a gift for you from Valleypaw:

“Dear Scarletpaw,
I know you may find this odd.
I know you may find it weird that I wrote your name on a canvas, drew a fruit, and called it a gift.
Well, you see, there is a story behind this.
I was having trouble finding your purr, and I didn’t want to make guesses, so I decided that I would draw…yes, a strawberry.
But this is not just any strawberry, it’s a whole, beautiful, juicy fruit. Share it wish your friends, kiss it goodnight, and have it become a part of your life. If you want. I’m sure you will find better uses for it…. But anyway, hope you have a a wonderful birthday! 🥳”

Art by Valleypaw
a drawing of a strawberry with ‘Scarletpaw’ written above it

Then on the 12th January, it will be Wolfgaze‘s Birthday! 😀

Hi Wolfgaze! Yay, it’s your birthday!!! What have you done so far for your birthday? If you have only just woken up when you’re reading this, what have you got planned for today?

Looking at the calendar, your birthday falls on a Friday! Mine does too this year and I think Friday birthdays are awesome because you can celebrate in the evening and not have to worry about getting up the next day! You also have the weekend to see family and/or friends too! 😀 Do you like Friday birthdays?

Everyone here on the Blog hopes that you have a great time on your birthday, and a great time also at any other celebrations you might have on other days! 🙂 We hope your birthday is amazing!!

Have a great one! 🥳🎉

Here is a gift for you from Valleypaw:

” “

Tuesday the 16th of January is Dawny‘s Birthday!!!

Dawny, I chose a green colour for your name thinking a bit of your old warrior name: Meadowdawn. Is this your third or fourth birthday on the Blog? Either way, that’s incredible, and a lot of birthdays you’ve celebrated here with us!

What’re you planning to do for your birthday today (the 16th)? I’m guessing you’re at school, but I hope your timetable is good and that you have classes you enjoy! Maybe you can celebrate with family or friends later in the evening?

An all important question: are you having birthday cake? (Or something else delicious?) If so, what flavour is it?

BlogClan loves having you here with us, Dawny! Have an amazing birthday!! <3 🎈🎂

Here is a gift for you from Valleypaw:

Art by Valleypaw
a headshot drawing of a grey cat

I hope this colour is amber enough! It’s looking a bit orange to me, but I tried! 😛

Time to celebrate Amberpaw/light‘s birthday, which lands on Thursday the 18th of January this year! 😀

Hey Amberpaw!! Happy Birthday for the 18th! BlogClan hopes that you have a marvellous day, full of things that you enjoy!

What are you going to get up to? Are you going somewhere fun, or doing something fun at home? Are you having any sort of celebration?

If you want, you can tell us all about how your day goes in the comments below, but you don’t have to of course! 🙂

Have a great birthday! <3 🥳🎈🎁

Last but not least for this month, Whisperingbreeze‘s birthday is on the 20th January! 😀

It might feel like it’s quite far from now, but it’s only actually 15 days! :O Wow! Have you started planning or preparing anything for your birthday yet, Whisperingbreeze? If you’re anything like me, I wouldn’t have yet – I organise everything about 3 days before my birthday because I always procrastinate so much. 😛

I hope your day today goes splendidly! (Can you tell I’ve used a lot of adjectives this post? 😛 Splendid sounds quite British in my opinion which I guess is good because I am British!) Everyone on the Blog is wishing you a superb time!!

If you’d like to tell us about your birthday, then you are of course welcome to do so in the comments below! But don’t worry at all if you don’t want to do this! 🙂

A very happy birthday to you from all of us!! 💖🥳✨

Another P.S. from me – because this is coming out in advance of some people’s birthdays, if you have a gift for them that you didn’t already send in, you can still send it in and I’ll edit it into this post which will be pinned to the front page of the Blog for the whole of January. 🙂 One last thing: have a great day!! 😀

🩵🦅 Eagleflight (Aquila)🍃🎶

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!