[in profile view, Jayfeather lies down with his tail curled beside him and looks at the audience]

My Ten Favorite Characters by Foxshadow

Foxshadow lists their favourite characters from the series.

[in profile view, Jayfeather lies down with his tail curled beside him and looks at the audience]
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[in profile view, Jayfeather lies down with his tail curled beside him and looks at the audience]

Hello! Foxshadow (Shadow) here for my first article! Yay! Today I’ll be sharing my ten favorite characters! Feel free to share in the comments your favorites too! SPOILER ALERT! Spoilers for TPB, POT, OOTS, TBC, Tallstar’s Revenge, Crookedstar’s Promise, DOTC, Yellowfang’s Secret, Blackfoot’s Reckoning, and possibly more that I didn’t list. Sorry that it’s a lot, and I wouldn’t recommend reading this unless you’re pretty far in the series. No spoilers for A Starless Clan, since I haven’t read it yet. Now let’s get started!
10. Crookedstar
Crookedstar is one of my favorite characters because of how he just powers through his losses. He’s so determined and brave, and he stood up to Mapleshade when she was trying to take away all that he loved. I just loved his relationship with Willowbreeze, and found it adorable! He was an amazing leader to RiverClan, and a great father to Silverstream. I was so sad at Willowbreeze’s death! Crookedstar’s life was just so sad, and his relationship with Oakheart is just so heartwarming. I really hated how Hailstar and Rainflower changed his name!!! That made me so mad. Honestly, I thought his warrior name should’ve been Crookedstorm, after the storm, but also after his determination. Next character!
9. Blackstar
Blackstar is another one of my favorite characters because he had to be the next leader for ShadowClan after Tigerstar’s terrible rule. He had to lead ShadowClan back to its glory, even after it was basically destroyed by Tigerstar. He definitely had some major flaws and mistakes, like killing Rosetail, but he realized his mistakes and tried to become a better cat. And honestly, Blackstar was a pretty good leader, in my opinion! He wasn’t any Firestar, obviously, but he made tough, fair decisions that were all for the good of ShadowClan. He only wanted to help ShadowClan, and build it to be greater and stronger. Next up!
8. Tallstar
Tallstar was such a wise leader. He had his flaws and he did make big mistakes, but every great leader has to make their mistakes to grow as people (cats). I absolutely loved Tallstar! He was fair and strong, he was a great leader for WindClan. His relationship with Jake is so cute!!! (I ship TallxJake!) Anyways, I loved how he realized that Sparrow (I think that’s his name) was not guilty of Sandygorse’s death, and how he let his grudge go. (it’s been a while since I read Tallstar’s Revenge so I might get a few things wrong) Then, Tallstar returned to WindClan, and he remembers his mistakes and grows as a cat. He was a great leader for WindClan, and he made good decisions and led WindClan to be strong and great.
7. Purdy, Longtail, and Mousefur
You may be thinking… those elders?! Why them?! They’re barely seen in the books! But hear me out! I couldn’t choose between these three, since they’re all so great. So, I put them all together. These elders are the perfect trio! I’m pretty sure they’re my favorite elders put together so far in the books. They are perfect, and no elders will be able to replace them. Anyways, I’ll get to the point now. Mousefur was the grumpy, snappy one. Longtail was kind and thoughtful in his older (he wasn’t even that old) age. And Purdy was so sweet and caring. All of them were such good friends. I was so sad at all of their deaths! Their stories were the best, especially Purdy’s. Longtail literally died trying to get Mousefur some moss! RESPECT! Mousefur died in the Great Battle! RESPECT!!! And Purdy died trying to stop a fight! RESPECT!!!!!!! Man, I was so sad at all of these deaths! I really hope Purdy went to StarClan. Then, they could just lounge there eating prey and telling the kits stories!
6. Ravenpaw
I love Ravenpaw! He’s just so sweet and kind. He’s so caring, I just wanted to pick him up and hug him! (yes I do imagine Ravenpaw with purple eyes) Yes, I know Barley is like, older than Mistystar or something like that, but I don’t think age gaps really matter much unless it actually is unhealthy. If they’re both adults, they can choose to love whoever they want. (that’s an article for another day, Foxshadow!) Anyways, he was always there for Firestar and ThunderClan, even though he ran away to live in the barn. He fought in the battle against BloodClan with Barley, and he was always loyal to ThunderClan, no matter what. Ravenpaw deserves love! The trio of Firepaw, Graypaw, and Ravenpaw is adorable! Love for Ravenpaw!
5. Gray Wing
So, I don’t know much about Gray Wing, since I only read the Sun Trail at the point of writing this article, so I can’t say much about him. But I already love him! He’s very kind and caring, and I hate how Clear Sky/Skystar is so mean to him. Gray Wing did not cause Bright Stream’s death. Gray Wing took in Jagged Peak while injured, except Clear Sky refused to let him in his camp any longer, since he had a permanent limp. Gray Wing also took in Thunder/Thunderstar when Clear Sky also refused to take care of him. Clear Sky, how many cats are you gonna refuse?! Gray Wing was a loyal part of his Clan, and cared about many cats. Clear Sky also had like, three mates! (that’s also an article for another day, Foxshadow!!) Gray Wing is truly a great cat, who is dedicated to serving his Clan.
4. Bristlefrost
Bristlefrost was a determined and loyal she-cat, who was brave to face Ashfur straight on! She was a good sister to Flipclaw and Thriftear, and she had many of Ivypool’s traits. I loved her relationship with Rootspring! At first she was loyal to Bramblestar’s impostor, but she always knew something was up. Then, she learns the truth from Rootspring. She also went into the Dark Forest to try and stop Ashfur and help her friends. She knew the dangers, but she still went anyway. And she went down fighting Ashfur! I was so sad at her death… but I’m pretty sure a lot of us knew it was gonna happen. She sacrificed herself for the good of the Clans, and that wasn’t something any cat could do.
3. Squirrelflight, Yellowfang
These two tied for third place, but I’ll have to choose Yellowfang. I love Squirrelflight, but I feel that I liked Squirrelpaw a bit better. She had way more spirit and energy, and I think that Squirrelflight lost a bit of that once she became a warrior. So now I’ll discuss Yellowfang!
Yellowfang was a great medicine cat, but she should have never been forced to become a medicine cat. She was strong and clearly capable at fighting, yet she could feel others’ pain. Why did she have to be forced to become a medicine cat, though? (aRtIcLe FoR aNoThEr DaY!1!) She was very brave, and Raggedstar did not deserve her! (I love foxes but Foxheart is just no.) Yellowfang, however great at fighting she was, she was also great at memorizing herbs. She killed Brokenstar, her own son, which was probably a very painful thing to do, but she had to, for the sake of the Clans. Her grumpy personality is perfect, and I almost cried when Hopekit and Wishkit died!!! She had to stand strong even when so many cats betrayed her.
2. Ivypool
Ivypool is a very strong she-cat. I love IvyxFern, but I think she doesn’t really need a mate. She trained in the Dark Forest, but she turned her back on them when she realized what they were trying to make of her. Ivypool was jealous of her sister, but pushed back that jealousy for the good of the Clans, and overcame it. She spied on the Dark Forest, which must’ve been a very hard and dangerous thing to do, since it was so dangerous and terrifying. She fought beside the Clans to defend everyone, and even though she wasn’t a part of the Three, she still was a big part in the Clans’ survival.
Honorable mentions:
Before I reveal my favorite cat, we need a round of applause for these great cats:
Turtle Tail
Drumroll, please…
1. Jayfeather!
In a lot of ways, Jayfeather is quite like Yellowfang. Yet he’s so different! He’s grumpy and snaps, except he truly cares for his Clanmates. He’s very wise, and learns very quickly. He forgave Leafpool when he realized she was his mother. He gave Briarlight a place in the Clan when she paralyzed her legs. He was an amazing mentor to Alderheart. He did so many more great things, while trying to save the Clans. He had so much responsibility, yet cared for his Clan in the times of great need. Jayfeather truly was an amazing cat.
So! Sorry if this article was really long! I hope you guys enjoyed! I’ll try and read all of the comments if I’m not writing more articles! Next, since this was too long to add my ten least favorite characters, I’ll do an article based off of my least favorites. I’ll also do a Ship or Sink! Thanks for reading!
Foxshadow, signing off!

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