[in a realistic art style, Frogleap stretches his back with his hindquarters and tail raised high]

My Thoughts on Frogleap by Mallowpaw

Mallowpaw shines the spotlight on Frogleap.

[in a realistic art style, Frogleap stretches his back with his hindquarters and tail raised high]
Art by redandcalico
[in a realistic art style, Frogleap stretches his back with his hindquarters and tail raised high]

Frogleap was a RiverClan warrior mainly featured in Leopardstar’s Honor. He was a rather interesting character, but he is discussed relatively rarely. So in this article I will discuss Frogleap’s character and death, and a few things I think about his family.

In Leopardstar’s Honor, Frogleap was born around the same time as Leopardstar, spare a moon, and he was very important in Leopardstar’s life. He was her first love. What is interesting about this is that this is a very rare instance of true unrequited love, at least after Frogleap decided against becoming Leopardstar’s mate. This is the only instance I can recall, as usually supposed unrequited love is explained as an ‘obsession’ (AshfurXSquirrelstar) or a ‘crush’ (BristlefrostXStemleaf). As Leopardstar grows older, she develops this love as she realizes that Frogleap is a smart, friendly, and reasonable tom rather than the silly kit he was when she was growing up. Frogleap also seemed as if he craved attention to an extent, as shown when he decided against having Leopardstar as a mate because she supposedly wouldn’t give him all of her time, and when he recklessly risked his life to catch some big fish for his kits when the Clan wasn’t empty of prey at all, presumably for the attention.

He also seemed rather insensitive, as when he apparently didn’t notice that Leopardstar wanted Whiteclaw to have a close relationship with her, or when he was ignorant of the fact that deciding not to have her as a mate would make her question her decision to be deputy. Other than these flaws, he was portrayed as responsible and intelligent, as shown when he trained Whiteclaw very well and inspired Leopardstar to comfort Whiteclaw more. He was also shown to avoid battles whenever possible.

After deciding that he wanted a potential mate’s attention all to himself, Frogleap mated with Mosspelt, who was ‘pretty’ and ready to give him all the attention he could ever want. In return, Frogleap seemed very ready to protect and do anything for Mosspelt (maybe that’s why she’s lived so long), even getting mad at one of the closest cats in his life, Leopardstar, because he blamed her for putting Mosspelt in danger.

I also think that when he was being killed off, as he was jumping into the river to catch a big fish for his kits, he behaved recklessly and out of character. Frogleap craved attention, but I don’t think he craved it enough to do something as obviously reckless and foolish as that. I think that the authors made him behave recklessly so there was a way to kill him off.

As for Frogleap’s family, he and Mosspelt soon had three kits: Dawnflower, Robinkit, and Woodkit, with the latter two drowning when RiverClan camp was flooded. But I have a theory that retcons this somewhat.

In Power of Three and Omen of the Stars, there existed a warrior named Robinwing, a RiverClan warrior, who died in the Great Battle. I think it is possible that only Woodkit died (having two kits die did nothing that only having one die wouldn’t to Mosspelt’s character) and Robinkit lived on to become Robinwing. Their purrsonas are different, but Robinkit’s kit purrsona could be retconned.

But anyway, Frogleap was overall a kind but rather selfish warrior who was willing to protect his mate and kits with everything he had. What do y’all think about him?

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