[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]

My Favourite Warrior Cats by Stripepaw

Stripepaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a design of Squirrelflight sitting on her hind legs with her paws raised]

Hi fellow BlogClanners! Today, I will be sharing my favourite warrior cats with you. Feel free to comment your own favourites, and say what you think about mine as well!
Without further ado, let’s start!

1. Squirrelflight. I love her! She’s so feisty and cool and I don’t even have the words to express how much I love her afkedwnjdcence Also, I HATE Bramblestar, as he is a TERRIBLE mate to my poor little squilf!

2. Dovewing. I know a lot of people don’t like her, but hear me out. She is NOT a mary-sue! She literally had a mental breakdown when she lost her super hearing, and you still call her a mary-sue? Also, about the whole whiny thing.. like what? If anybody is whiny, it’s Ivypool. *realizes that there is suddenly a giant mob of Ivypool lovers and Dovewing haters* Err, I’ll be right back.. *runs away, screaming* *comes back 1 whole hour later* I think their gone.. phew! Anyway, lets get back to the list!

3. Fernsong. He’s really sweet, and even though I was a little bit upset at first that a strong she-cat like Ivypool got a mate, when we got to know Fernsong, I fell in love with him! He is so nice, and he is also the first male queen (hopefully there will be lots more!).

4. Barley. He is soo sweet, and he and Ravenpaw are so cute together! I was disappointed when he and Ravenpaw disappeared from the main series after the clans left the forest, but it’s for the best I guess.

5. Mapleshade. She is a great villain, and it’s cool to have a female villain!

6. Leafstar. She is a great leader!

8. Hollyleaf. She is so cool and sassy and I love her!

9. Tree. He is so wonderfully strange!

10. Sasha. She is so sassy and cool, even though it was a little bit annoying how she paired up with Tigerstar because I think that she is better off with nobody.

12. Moth Flight. I can relate to her soo much, but the reason why she got the lowest ranking is that she made a TERRIBLE rule! Like, what? It’s just stupid to be honest, and ugh why would you do that Moth Flight? You were a great character and cat until you did that!

Now for the honourable mentions!

Reedshine *gulps*
Jagged Peak
Tall Shadow
Wind Runner
Grey Wing

Wait, I’ve just realised that there are loads of cats I like more than Moth Flight… Welp, I guess there is no going back now!
Stripepaw 🐾🐯 out!

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