[Sandstorm nuzzling Firestar while the two of them fondly look at each other]

Weird Warriors Ships by Rubyshine

Rubyshine lists some ships that are a little odd.

[Sandstorm nuzzling Firestar while the two of them fondly look at each other]
Art by Wings-of-North
[Sandstorm nuzzling Firestar while the two of them fondly look at each other]

Hey! It’s Rubyshine! For today I am going to be covering some of the weirdest ships throughout the series. And let me just say that there are some pretty weird ones…okay, let’s get started! (I will be using their warrior names, not their leader names if they have one)

WARNING: Contains spoilers for TPB, TNP, PTT, OTS, AVS, TBC, and ASC.

Fireheart x Cinderpelt
Okay, so some of you might disagree that this was a ship, but I looked it up and it said that it was, so I’m basing it off of that. First of all, the first problem with this ship that pops into my mind is the age gap. Fireheart was an adult, and Cinderpelt was a kid…? I’ve never seen a ship like that. Seriously Erins, what were you thinking with that one? Also, Fireheart had nothing in common with Cinderpelt, so this ship didn’t even make any sense.

Fireheart x Sandstorm
Overall, this is a great ship. There is just one thing that confuses me: One day Sandstorm hates Fireheart, the next she is in love with him. She probably matured when she became a warrior, but the change was so sudden that it didn’t seem natural.

Nightheart x Sunbeam
So, for this arc I have only read until the book Thunder, so I am just saying the weirdness that I know of. Okay, so let’s skip to the part where Nightheart does his tasks to become a Shadowclan warrior. He purposely fails his last task so he can go back to Thunderclan, but that means he can’t be with Sunbeam, which shows that his love for her isn’t as strong as it should be. Sunbeam then feels so lonely that she tries to join Thunderclan even though Nightheart literally just left her. And for most of book 4 she is questioning herself if he actually loves her. So for this ship there is just so much uncertainty that I don’t see how they can be mates.

Graystripe x Silverstream
So, let me just say that I was really mad that in the Broken Code Graystripe chose Millie and Briar

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