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Disagreeing with Starclan’s Decisions by LilyIris

LilyIris takes a look at some of StarClan’s decisions.

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Art by Falconstreaker
[image description: the StarClan logo on a starry background]

Ok, we all have to agree Starclan is pretty messed up. Cuz 1.) Their decisions whether a cat deserves to go to the DF or Starclan DOESN’T MAKE SENSE, and 2.) They just have to give prophecies the cats don’t understand. THEN WHAT’S THE POINT OF GIVING THEM DA PROPHECY?!

Decision 1.) Letting Ashfur in Starclan
Yep, we know how that all worked out.
“He just loved too much.”
Really Yellowfang? He luv 2 much? Didn’t you see what he did?
I’m pretty sure trying to COOK Squirrelflight’s ‘children’ isn’t loving too much. I’m pretty sure taking one of your LEADER’S life and blaming it on your crush’s mate isn’t loving too much. Seriously?

2.) Telling Pinestar to kill his son
I mean, I pity Pinestar but I blame but I sympathize with him but I hate him.
Oh, I’m going to tell Pinestar to kill his son! It definitely won’t freak him out, cuz it’s for da good of da clans?
Guess what? That only led Pinestar to hand out with kittypets, deserting his leadership position and ABANDONING Tigerkit/paw/claw/star.
Great job, Starclan!

3.) Cinderheart/Cinderpelt
K, if ONE cat can be reincarnated, why can’t other cats with shorter lives get another chance?
Cinderpelt might not have been able to be a warrior, but she had an apprentice, and had the capability of helping and healing her Clanmates. While MOSSKIT LITERALLY FROZE TO DEATH, AND SWEETPAW WAS BURIED ALIVE!

4.) Dropping the tree on Mudclaw
But LilyIris, Mudclaw deserved that tree!
Yes, I agree. He did deserve that tree.
But if Starclan could afford to drop a tree on Mudclaw, then why did they let other, more dangerous cat live? (ex Tigerstar, Darktail, Brokenstar, Scourge)
In my opinion, Starclan is just biased.

5.) Letting Skyclan get driven away
Hear me out on this one. When the leaders decided to drive Skyclan away, did we hear one SQUEAK out of Starclan? Nooooo.
If there were 5 clans, it would be difficult for Tigerclaw to unite them, yes? If there were 5 clans, it would be difficult for Scourge to conquer the forest, yes?
The leaders that decided to drive Skyclan out still had the blessing of 9 lives Starclan gave them. Loyalty, courage, trust, blah blah blah. Did those blessings help?
No. It didn’t.


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