[a realistic full-body design of Ivypool crouching]

Why Ivypool doesn’t deserve to be deputy by Willowdawn

Willowdawn shares why they think Ivypool shouldn’t be deputy.

[a realistic full-body design of Ivypool crouching]
Art by Vialir
[a realistic full-body design of Ivypool crouching]

Hi guys!!!! My name is Willowdawn, you might know me for my aggressive swearing while defending Dovewing lol :] Anyway, I hate Ivypool!!!! Sadly tho, the Fandom loves her, I really don’t see why she’s really selfish and annoying and useless! I bet if I asked the Fandom to create a list if the “best” characters, they’d put Ivypool smack dab right on the tip tip tippity top top.

TODAY *clears throat like a politics hooman* I will be explaining why Ivypool doesn’t deserve to be deputy :DDD hope you enjoy!!!

So, Ivypool’s uhm, really selfish, here’s why!
First of all, she wanted all the attention for herself. She worked her butt off to be better than Dovewing who was…who was going through um…THINGS…but anyway, Ivypool wanted everyone to pay attention to her, not anyone else, because she’s a selfish brat and junk, ya’ll get the gist.
Ivypool sought out attention in the Dark Forest, where she got it and bragged about it in the real world to Dovewing :00000 Like Ivypool, just chill. #JustCHILLGIRL
anyway, after that, Ivypool was a big show-off and wouldn’t let go of their lil situation and sought attention from everyone :000000000 *extremely disappointed barfing*

Ivypool was really rude to everyone, like bro if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all
Ivypool was harsh and snappy to everyone, especially Dovewing, who was just trying to help her. She yelled at Dovewing and bragged to her and lied to her, #StopDovewingAbuse. Ivypool was also really rude to everyone, like “AYO LEMME BULLY EVERYONE CUZ WHY NOT!!!!!” And apparently the Fandom loves that idea. Ivypool killed Antpelt, for no reason, the Dark Forest cats knew that she was very strong and capable so why do it???
She also lied about a dream from StarClan, which resulted in a very bloody and useless battle where Firestar lost a life and Russetfur died completely, all because of a little lie spread by a useless little Ivypool.

Ivypool is just like, really useless and lazy, like your Clan is in danger why arent you doing anything???
Ivypool went to the Dark Forest, as we know, and was like “AYYYYY I DONT LIKE THIS PLACE IM OUTTA HERE” and then Jayfeather’s like “Nahhh youre stayin in there kiddo cuz you need to spyy on cat heck”
And so Ivypool promises to report every single thing that happens and goes on a magical quest blah blah blah, and then she comes back and doesnt report anything cuz shes lazy.
And then she brags about how important she is and everyone falls for it except Dovewing because Dovewing isn’t a brain-dead idiot like everyone else.

Ivypool is a bad mother!!! #KitsDeserveBetter
Ivypool gives birth and is just like “hey I dont care about kits imma leave them to my cousin, Fernsong, whos also my mate, and perform stoopid stuff and act like an important kiddo when im not!!!”
Fernsongs just like “okay im a single dad now yay I guess”

SO!!! *aggresive, intense staring at Dovewing haters* Ivypool doesnt deserve to be deputy, and Dovewing doesnt deserve this much hate, please make comments cuz I like drama hehe
So uh yeah AHEM my fingers are cold so um byeeee I really need to stop swearing and make an actual article that doesnt dissolve peoples’ braincells

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