[a headshot of Sorreltail and Brackenfur nuzzling each other lovingly]

Warrior cat ships part one by Zealpelt

Zealpelt rates some relationships from the series.

[a headshot of Sorreltail and Brackenfur nuzzling each other lovingly]
Art by M.Jay’s Warrior Art (tumblr)
[a headshot of Sorreltail and Brackenfur nuzzling each other lovingly]

Hello aging this is Zealpelt and today I will be showing you the best warrior cat ships. ( Just from my Opinion ) spoilers

Sandstorm and Firestar started out as enemies! But they ended up as mates, how?
Well she thought at first he was some dumb kittypet who would never learn how to become a warrior! But she figured out that he was just really trying to prove himself to Thunderclan. After a while she thought that he was a strong, brave, faithful warrior. she just had to get to know him.
So I would rate their ship 10/10!

2. LeafXcrow
Leafpool and crowfeather’s relationship was very complicated? After the death of Feathertail, Crowfeather was devastated he said that he would never love another cat aging! But little did he know that Leafpool was just behind the corner waiting. Leafpool had never dreamed that she would fall in love, she was a medicine cat and a Thunderclan cat! But she found Crowfeather and it was just like zing it hit her! I rate their ship 8/10.

3. sorrelXbracken
Their ship is a little random but I think it’s cute! There were just two normal warriors who fell in love, had kits and loved each other till the end! I rate their ship 9/10.

4. brambleXSquirrel
Honestly I think their ship was terrible! Squirrelflight was independent but not in the best way? A ship needs both cats to rely on each other, it needs both cats to trust one another but Squirrelflight did it all on her own and Bramblestar was a leader so he had to take care of his clan. Am not saying leaders can not have mates because they can but Squirrelflight was just that kind of cat that did not have a mate really. So I rate there ship 4/10.

5. MoonXStorm
Moonflower and Stormtail were one of the worst ship’s ever! Stormtail was rude and did not care about Moonflower, and on top of that they had kit’s when he was trying to go after another she cat! He never paid any attention to his kit’s and Moonflower and only when he did was when they became warriors! 4/10

6. bristelXroot
This is another ship from different clan cats. Like I said, these kinds of ships are complicated. At first they were sort of friends but then Roootpaw had a crush on BristleFrost and in real life crush’s go know where that’s why I feal like their ship is sort of fake! Bristelfrost did not have to drown; she could have pushed Ashfur in or Rootpaw could have saved her. I just feel like it was unnecessary. And the chapters after her death were just kind of weird! So I rate there ship 7/10/

7. NightXSun
Nightheart and Sunbeam, if you did not know the abbreviation. Their ship just happened! Nightheart was sad and looked for the first she cat at the gathering. He failed trying to be a warrior like there times his family was rude to him, but I think he was just spoiled and felt bad for himself! As for Sunbeam she was sad about her break up with Blazefire so she went to Nightheart right after! But I guess they were good ships because they both had problems and helped each other in a way. 7/10.

Btw there both to Clingy!

8. blueXoak
I like their ship. Oakheart was just really nice and understood Bluestar. Am not saying their ship ended well but he was very kind. I don’t have much to say any more but I rate this ship 8/10.

9. SilverXgray
Silverstream and Graystripe were just a little fake! He had kits with her but ladder on he had kits with another she cat. The Erins probably thought he would just have one mate.
But I rate their ship 6/10.

10. honeyXberry
This ship everyone forgot about it but they would have had kits if Honeyfern would not have died! Berrynose was rude and never thought of her after she died! Honeyfern made Berrynose a bedder person. I rate their ship 6/10.

If you have in questions please ask.

Zealpelt out.

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