[Brackenfur and Sorreltail walk side-by-side and look into each other's eyes fondly]

Ship or Sink? Part 1 by Rubyshine

Rubyshine rates ships from the series.

[Brackenfur and Sorreltail walk side-by-side and look into each other's eyes fondly]
Art by Winterfox18
[Brackenfur and Sorreltail walk side-by-side and look into each other’s eyes fondly]

Hello! For today, we are going to play Ship or Sink! Soooo, let’s get started!

Bramble x Squirrel
Ship! I know that they have had a *cough* few bumps in their relationship, but all ships have that, and I think overall they truly love each other. So I think that this is for sure a ship!

Jay x Half Moon
…Sink? They kind of just met each other, and I feel like Jayfeather was kind of forced into this ship, and that it wasn’t true love. I know Half Moon really loved Jayfeather, but I just keep thinking: Does Jayfeather truly love her? So I think I will rate this ship a sink.

Jay x Stick
Okay, seriously, why do people keep shipping this one? It makes NO SENSE! For sure a sink. But, like, why would Jayfeather love a stick…? And he even broke the stick! This shouldn’t even be a theory.

Ivy x Hawk
I think I’m gonna say ship. It just fits! They are both villains on the outside, but great cats on the inside. I think this is who Ivypool should’ve chosen.

Fern x Dust
Ship!! It seems like they truly love each other and care for one another. They both lead such great lives as a couple, and I think it was really true love. Ship for sure!

Sorrel x Bracken
Ship 100% Yes, I know that the age gap is a little…big, but they were just so perfect for each other, and I know that they made one another happy, and that’s what matters, right? The only thing that is bugging me about this is that Brackenfur was a warrior when Sorreltail was really young. The age gap makes me think that this ship would be a sink, but they actually worked it out. So I think they deserve a Ship.

Crow x Leaf
SHIP! I believe that Crowfeather never could have truly loved Nightcloud, but he did actually love Leafpool. I think it is so cute that they ran off so they can be together, and I was so sad when I heard that they came back to the clans. I think Leafpool was cut out to be a medicine cat, but I don’t see why they can’t still be mates. Anyway, I believe that this was true love!

Thank you for reading! This is only part one, so make sure to look out for part 2! Please no comments! Rubyshine out!

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