[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]

Warrior cats that should not be in the series by Rubyshine

Rubyshine lists characters they think are out of place in the series’s story.

[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin, edited by unknown
[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]

Hey, it’s Rubyshine! For today I am going to be listing the warrior cats that I feel like shouldn’t be in the series. So, let’s get started!

1. Millie
Please don’t hate me for listing her on here. But if I’m being honest, she doesn’t add anything to the story. Sure, she helped Graystripe get home, but they didn’t need to be mates or anything. She didn’t even need to be part of the clans to be in the book. She doesn’t save anybody’s life, and she doesn’t kill anybody. The only thing she does is have kits and be a pain. And even her kits don’t do anything important! Graystripe could’ve just been mates with any other she-cat in the clan and have had the same kits. It just makes me angry that the Erins added her into the story.

2. Blackstar
In my defense, I feel like he is just that character that has no character arc and is just there because Shadowclan needed a leader. He even mated with a plain character, Tallpoppy. She didn’t do anything either except have kits. I feel like Shadowclan could have just had a better cat leading them, rather than one so…plain.

3. Storm
I know she was the mother of a clan leader, but she was literally just added in there to make Thunderstar possible. All she did besides that was give Gray Wing and Clear Sky a heartbreak. She was alive for about 3 – 4 chapters before she died, and that is just wrong. You shouldn’t really introduce a character for a little bit, and then kill it off. I just feel like Storm was just added so then the Erins could have Thunderstar.

4. Shaded Moss
Basically, he was important for a little while, then he died. That really just sums up his life story. He was a ‘deputy’ for the tribe, raised a kit, let a group to their new home, and died half way there. Boom. No character arc, no nothing. We don’t even hear about his mate (If he even had one). So overall: he was kind of important for a little while, then died. If that’s how it’s gonna be, I feel like he shouldn’t even be in the story at all.

I hope you guys enjoyed! But seriously, don’t you agree that these cats should just be deleted from the whole series? Please no comments and thanks for reading! Rubyshine out!

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