[a sleek full-body design of Breezepelt on a dual-toned yellow background]

Why I Like Breezepelt by Copperpaw

Copperpaw explains why they like Breezepelt.

[a sleek full-body design of Breezepelt on a dual-toned yellow background]
Art by Silverzoul
[a sleek full-body design of Breezepelt on a dual-toned yellow background]

Breezepelt- Crowfeather and Nightcloud’s son, former member of the Dark Forest, and one of the most hated cats in Warriors. Breezepelt is, and always will be, one of my favorite characters, despite the controversy. So why is that? In this article, I’ll answer that question.
An argument people commonly make against Breezepelt is “He sided with the Dark Forest and tried to kill Lionblaze!” I am in no way justifying this behavior. However, there are reasons for his actions, if you look a little deeper. Breezepelt’s father, Crowfeather, always rejected his attempts to prove himself as an apprentice. During the trip to the Tribe of Rushing Water in Po3, Crowfeather showed disinterest and scorn for Breezepelt, while rubbing salt in the wound by praising Lionpaw’s catch. Crowfeather’s neglection and open dislike made Breezepelt feel isolated and unloved. “But there was always Nightcloud,” you argue. And it’s true. Breezepelt adores Nightcloud and always has, more than any other cat. They may be the closest mother-son relationship (aside from, of course, Jayfeather and Leafpool) in the series. But seeing how his parents fought made Breezepelt resentful from the very beginning. So where does all this get us? Resentment + isolation + desperation to prove himself = joining the Dark Forest. “So? He sided with them in the Great Battle!” you say. This I cannot explain. Did he think it would finally impress his father? Did the Dark Forest turn him from an angry, lonely apprentice into a dangerous warrior? Whatever happened, Breezepelt made a terrible choice, followed by another terrible choice: trying to kill Lionblaze. Remember, at this point Breezepelt sees this cat he’s been comparing himself to- Crowfeather praised Lionblaze; Lionblaze had Heathertail’s heart first; he’s one of the best warriors in the Clans- and knows he is Crowfeather’s son as well, without any of Breezepelt’s struggles. So Breezepelt lashed out. That is no excuse, but again, it is an explanation.
“Well, he’s grumpy!” Think about it. Crowfeather and Jayfeather are some of the most popular characters, partly because of their grumpiness. Mousefur, Dustpelt, Ivypool… none of these cats are the sweetest, and yet they are some of the most beloved. So, what makes Breezepelt different? From my viewpoint, nothing.
All of this is enough to make Breezepelt neutral for some. What tips the scale for me into love?
1) Breezepelt loves fiercely. He would fight to protect Nightcloud or Heathertail. Once he loves someone, he loves them with his whole heart. I can relate to this. Like Breezepelt, I am slow to trust, but once my trust is earned, I pour my whole heart into it. I find this to be an admirable trait in anyone.
2) Breezepelt grows. His character arc is, in my opinion, the most impressive in the series. From hopeful kit to bitter apprentice to dangerous Dark Forest member to self-isolated grouch to a brave, goodhearted warrior- and he keeps growing, keeps improving, keeps learning. This makes him a more realistic, lovable character for me.
3) Breezepelt has faced many challenges- his father’s rejection, his own mistakes involving the Dark Forest, his unexpected brothers and sister, his parents’ fighting, the Nightcloud incident in Crowfeather’s Trial, isolation within the Clan, hatred from his clanmates. Some of these he brought on himself- but he takes responsibility and overcomes them. This reminds me of Briarlight. Like her, he was in a bad situation, and like her, he learned to make the best of it and make small changes. Is he an optimist? No. Will he ever be? Probably not. But he didn’t let his challenges and his past stop him. He kept going.
4) After the Great Battle, Breezepelt had a lot to atone for. The Clan hated him, even after Onestar pardoned him. But Breezepelt kept hunting. He made Heathertail feel loved. He showed the Clan he was a warrior to be trusted, and in Crowfeather’s Trial, he risked his life in the stoat tunnels to save Nightcloud when no one else would. Breezpelt is a brave cat, and his past mistakes are drowned out by his later actions.
5) Breezpelt has a unique personality that changes with him. He is brave, passionate, unmistakably loyal, determined, resilient, and loving. He is also grudging, reckless, and short-tempered. But he has flaws. He’s no Gary Stu, but he most definitely isn’t the villain he once was, nor the villain Warriors fans make him out to be.

So, in conclusion, I love Breezepelt, and that’s why. What do you think of this controversial cat, and did my article influence your opinion at all?
– Copperpaw

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