[image description: a scarred fluffy black cat with yellow eyes and a flower crown lays on snowy ground]

Why I love Yellowfang by Snowfeather

Snowfeather shares why they love Yellowfang.

[image description: a scarred fluffy black cat with yellow eyes and a flower crown lays on snowy ground]
Art by Alder-Leaf
[image description: a scarred fluffy black cat with yellow eyes and a flower crown lays on snowy ground]

(Warning for too many exclamation marks oop)

Hi guys! Snowfeather here, and this is my first article! Yup, i’m new, but don’t let that fool you. I have (almost) finished the wc books, and read all the novellas, including Yellowfang’s Secret. And thats actually what I want to talk about!

Most of you probably know Yellowfang, and I know lots of you love her, but I’m not sure if you all understand just how much she went through, and how amazing she is as a character! She had a pretty tough life, including forbidden love, not being able to choose her own destiny and watching her son destroy ShadowClan. So lets dive in!

Yellowfang had an alright start to life. A pretty normal kithood, playing with her littermates and such. But things started to go wrong for her the moment Nutkit ate crowfood. Yellowkit started to get pains in her belly, just like Nutkit, although she didnt eat any crowfood. She was then called a liar for not telling the truth. But she knew something the others didnt. She could feel the pain of other cats.
She was determined to become a warrior though, training, hunting, fighting, but she found it very hard to inflict pain on other cats when she knew just how much it hurt. So it started to get in the way of her warrior duties. Then her grandma, who she was very close to, died.

Skip forward and she is now a warrior, but spends a fair amount of time with Sagewhisker (the med cat at the time), even knowing some herb uses. She is in love with Raggedpelt now, officially calling him her mate. But Sagewhisker reveals that she should become her apprentice. Yellowfang makes it very clear she wants to be a warrior, but has her doubts. Raggedpelt starts getting snappier at her, saying she needs to choose one; him or med cat.

Skip forward again and she half chooses to, is half forced to become Sagewhisker’s apprentice. Raggedpelt starts falling out of love with her, but she secretly sees him although the med cat rules say no mate and kits. Eventually she is made a full med cat, and Raggedpelt wants nothing to do with her.

And surprise, surprise, she is expecting his kits!

She tells him, and he is overjoyed. Not at her though, at the prospect of being a father, and the reputation he will have after.
Yellowfang gives birth alone, and her 2 daughters die. The only surviving kit is a tom with a twisted tail and rage already on his face. His name is Brokenkit. Despite what she thinks this means she loves him.
Yellowfang then has to give her kit up, and watch him grow up alone and without a mothers love. Then her mentor and friend Sagewhisker dies, followed by the leader CedarStar.

Raggedpelt is now RaggedStar, making Foxheart his deputy. She dies and Cloudpelt takes her place. Her son Brokenpaw becomes Brokentail, and is very ambitious, even cruel to his apprentice. Cloudpelt dies (maybe the fault of Brokentail) and Brokentail is now the deputy. Brokentail murders RaggedStar, stripping him of all nine of his lives. Brokentail is now BrokenStar, and starts making kits apprentices, way before their six moons. They start dropping like flies, the rough treatment of BrokenStar and their young age killing them. He banishes the elders, as they now ‘have no use’ and is generally very cruel.
He then blames the death of Yellowfangs mother’s (Brightflower’s) second litter, and banishes her.

You all know what happens now. She crosses into ThunderClan territory, Fireherat finds her, brongs her back to camp etc. Later on she kills Brokentail with deathberries.

So she went through a lot. She was forced to give up on becoming a warrior, Silverflame died, Sagewhsiker died, Raggedpelt rejected her, she had kits, 2 of her kits died, she had to watch her kit grow up without love, only anger, RaggedStar died, she watched her kit absolutely destroy ShadowClan from the inside, murdering cats, then gets accused by her kit and mother, gets banished, then kills her own son for the good of all the cats in the forest.

Yellowfang had such a hard life, more so than some of the villains, but didnt become one herself. This shows just how amazing she is, and why i love her.

Snowfeather out.

(Sorry its so long)

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