[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

Why StarClan’s system is flawed by Nettlepaw

Nettlepaw takes a look at StarClan’s judgement.

[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

Hi! I’m Nettlepaw, and this is my second article! At the moment, there are two Nettlepaws writing articles. I’m Nettlepaw/frost, and there is another Nettlepaw. I don’t want to take any credit for the other articles Nettlepaw has written!

Anyway, back to this article. This is an analysis on why StarClan’s system is flawed. When I was reading Warriors for the first time, I had many unanswered questions. Why was it that Juniperclaw got sent to the Dark Forest, when Mudclaw didn’t? Why did Ashfur go to StarClan, when he was guilty of attempted murder, and many other cats with the same intentions went to the Dark Forest? I thought about these questions, and re-read the books, and my answer is that…StarClan favours cats.

I know this has been the main topic of many articles, but re-reading the Warriors books made me realise how much StarClan actually favours certain cats. For example, let’s start with Juniperclaw…

In The Raging Storm, tensions were high between ShadowClan and SkyClan. As SkyClan had recently rejoined the other Clans around the lake, there was still the problem of territories. None of the Clans wanted to give up territory for them, so ShadowClan thought it would be better if SkyClan returned to the gorge. Later, Strikestone, Grassheart, Snaketooth and Blazepaw were attacked by a SkyClan patrol, and in retaliation, Juniperclaw, Scorchfur and Snowbird destroyed SkyClan’s dens. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the other cats, Juniperclaw poisoned SkyClan’s fresh kill pile. Sparrowpelt becomes ill, but survives.

Later, after he is accused of the crime, he saves Violetshine, an expecting queen, and Shadowkit, from drowning, before he is swept away himself in atonement for his actions. He saves Shadowkit, who later saves the Clans from Ashfur in the seventh arc, Violetshine, and her kits, Rootkit and Needlekit. Later, Rootkit would also help to save the Clans. So without Juniperclaw, the Clans would still be under Ashfur’s reign.

If you argue that StarClan wouldn’t have known, I thought StarClan were supposed to have these super future-predicting powers, and would have been able to see that coming (which we’ll talk about in a minute, by the way).

In The New Prophecy, a few arcs before, Mudclaw was angered by Tallstar’s choice of deputy before he died. He then attacked his own Clan, with the help of Hawkfrost and many other cats. Mudclaw and his army killed many cats in the process, before he was killed himself. He then went to StarClan.

If Mudclaw was sent to StarClan after he killed that many cats…then surely Juniperclaw would too? But no, Mudclaw is sent to StarClan, and Juniperclaw is left to rot in the Dark Forest.

So, why did Mudclaw get given a second chance? My guess is that Tallstar, who had power in StarClan in the later books, took pity on him, and let him in. Maybe he felt guilty about making Onewhisker leader instead, and thought he should be let off? No one knows, but I think if Mudclaw was sent to StarClan, then Juniperclaw should too.

Next is a psychotic cat who tried to kill his ex-girlfriend and her sister’s kits, and then took over the Clans four arcs later…please welcome to the stage…Ashfur! If you are one of the many BlogClanners who, like me, hate Ashfur’s guts, then this bit is especially for you.

Pretty sure most of you know what happened to the Clans because of Ashfur, and if you don’t know, then I’ve ruined it for you in that last paragraph. My point is that StarClan let him in because, in the words of Gray Wing, ‘he deserved a second chance.’

I don’t know why he was given a second chance, when he used it to kill Bramblestar, pretend to be him, then take over the Clans with the help of some creepy Dark Forest warriors, kill and banish many ‘codebreakers’, then finally caused the death of Bristlefrost, one of my all time favourite warrior cats. If he was given another chance at redemption, then why wasn’t Juniperclaw, especially when his final act was saving a queen and kits from a slow and painful death. Ashfur’s final act was threatening to kill Squirrelflight, his ex-girlfriend, and Leafpool’s kits, and nearly revealing a secret that would damage Squirrelflight, and her family, forever.

But, as I was thinking about it, I do know why he was given a second try. Ashfur’s parents were Brindleface and Whitestorm, and Whitestorm’s aunt was Bluestar. That means that Bluestar is Ashfur’s great aunt. As we have seen, after her death, Bluestar had her say in all of the major prophecies, and holds immense power in StarClan. She probably influenced the other leaders to let him in, claiming that he deserved another go. Yet another example of favouritism. Can anyone spot the pattern yet?

Here is another example of favouritism, except it’s not between cats. Think of how many times ThunderClan has had a part in a major prophecy. All of them. When has, for example, WindClan? None of them. Take Power of Three and Omen of the Stars. All four of the prophesied cats were from ThunderClan. And even in The Broken Code, when Bristlefrost, Rootspring, Shadowsight and some StarClan cats managed to create a hole in between the Dark Forest and StarClan. Anyone could have been sent to help, but they chose the legendary Firestar, the most famous ThunderClan cat in the forest.

Another thing I dislike about StarClan is the fact that they say they love the Clans so much, but don’t tell them the dangers and instead send them cryptic prophecies about what is to come. I know if StarClan helped them, then the books would become boring, but if they adored the Clans, then surely they would help them, instead of leaving them practically on their own? If they wanted to help all the Clans, then why do they always favour ThunderClan? And, why does Cinderpelt get another chance at life when her leg is damaged, but Briarlight doesn’t get reincarnated when she is completely paralyzed? Why is Cinderpelt the only cat who got to live again in all of the Clans?

And here is yet another reason to wonder: why did StarClan not help SkyClan until years later, after they had lost many of their warriors? And, when they did, they sent Firestar, the legendary cat, who has been in around half of all the major prophecies. Why? For two reasons: because Bluestar favoured him and because he was from ThunderClan.

And, if that wasn’t enough, StarClan lie. What about when they said that ‘there has always been four Clans’? Actually, there were five. Another example of Clan discrimination.

So, this is the end of my article. These are my opinions, and if you disagree, I would love to hear why! Nettlepaw, out!


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