[Sandstorm leans onto Firestar's shoulder as the two sit face-to-face]

The Worst and Best Ships by Stormcloud

Stormcloud shares their thoughts on the best and worst ships.

[Sandstorm leans onto Firestar's shoulder as the two sit face-to-face]
Art by KZcat
[Sandstorm leans onto Firestar’s shoulder as the two sit face-to-face]

Hello, hello fellow blogclanners! I am here with my first ever post. We will be diving into the best/worst Warrior Cats ships (in my opinion).

I am just going to jump right in with the worst ships and end with the best ones.

Alright, starting off with this nightmarish ship (I know many people have talked about this already but I just gotta do this)
Spottedleaf X Firepaw. So, here are the reasons this is a terrible ship:
Spottedleaf is a medicine cat, and from what I have learned medicine cats have a longer training time than warriors do. So as Spottedleaf is a full medicine cat, she would have to be quite a bit older than Firepaw, well, because he is an apprentice to become a warrior. Another reason this is such a bad ship is because.. Well, they hardly knew each other. They shouldn’t have been in love at the start of the series. I would understand if Firestar had fallen in love with her when she would come to him all the time in his dreams, but him falling in love with her at the start is just weird.

So there are many other reasons this ship is a bad idea, but we have other ships to talk about.

Next up on the list would be Sandstorm X Firestar.

Ok, hold up before you start getting angry at me, I have a legitimate reason for disliking this ship. Sandstorm doesn’t seem to really like Firestar. She more of.. Tolerates him. And that she barely manages. She is always annoyed and angry at Firestar when he “Misunderstands her” or “Picks Spottedleaf over her” which there is no proof of Firestar doing either of those things. I may not care for Firestar but I do feel bad he is stuck with Sandstorm until his death.

Last of the worst ships would be Leafpool X Crowfeather.

This one isn’t nearly as bad as the last two, but I still dislike it. Crowfeather is a great character don’t get me wrong, but his loyalty skills.. Are terrible. He has fallen for two cats outside of his clan and wasn’t able to stay with either. In my opinion he should have been like “Leafpool we are from different clans, you’re a medicine cat.. This will never work. I will only cause you pain” instead he is like “Nope! We are just gonna run away from our clans, our families, because Leafpool was going to fall off a rock like my past love!” This ship just doesn’t work for me.

Ok! Enough of the sad, angering, past ships. We are going to be getting into the best ships!

Starting off with number one, we have: Pebbleshine X Hawkwing

Although they aren’t together long, Hawkwing and Pebbleshine had one of the best relationships. They truly loved each other and got to know each other before they became mates. Which is a level up compared to most ships. This was a ship I was cheering for through the whole story, and when Pebbleshine was taken away I nearly cried.

Next up we have Cloudtail X Brightheart

Wow, this is just a beautiful relationship. Cloudtail was always so protective of Brightheart from the very beginning. He would stand up for her even to Bluestar, and he is probably the reason Brightheart survived the dog attack. Brightheart showed deep love in return for Cloudtail and their relationship was always quite healthy, I cannot think of a time when they showed toxicity toward each other.

Last, but not least we have Violetshine X Tree

I don’t have much to say about this ship, but I do love it. I love how sweet and simple this ship is and I don’t know, it’s just so cute to me.

If you read this whole thing, congrats! I really appreciate it. If not well.. Yeah.
If you agree or disagree make sure to tell me what you think in the comments I would love to have a conversation about it!

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