Official poster for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Star Trek DS9 Characters as Warrior Cats by Stormflower

Stormflower gives warrior names to characters from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Official poster for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Official poster for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Hello guys! *Purrs* You all seemed to love my TNG article, so I decided to write a part 2. And since I’ve just started DS9 (and am already obsessed with it ahhhh!), I decided to do DS9 characters as warrior cats! I’ll also be using all new characters! Ensign, set course for BlogClan, warp 10! Engage!

Captain Benjamin Sisko as Brambleclaw: In my last article, Picard was Firestar. Both Brambleclaw and Sisko became the next main character leader/captain. For Brambleclaw, when Firestar died. For Sisko, when TNG ended. They also have very similar personalities. They are both loyal, brave, and a bit stubborn.

Major Kira Nerys as Squirrelstar: They were both the deputy/first officer of the next main character leader/captain (Brambleclaw and Sisko), and have similar personalities. They are strong female characters, who do what they think is right. Both Kira and Squirrelstar are courageous, but have a temper.

Doctor Julian Bashir as Flametail: There aren’t a lot of male medicine cats that fit Julian well. But the one that stood out to me the most was Flametail. Flametail is quiet, calm, and dedicated, much like Bashir.

Lieutenant Jadzia Dax as Cinderheart: These two are VERY similar! First of all, Dax is a trill, meaning that she was given the knowledge and memories of many trills before her, through her symbiont. So, in a way, she was reborn. On the other paw, Cinderheart is a reincarnation of Cinderpelt (who in my TNG article was Guinan, but that doesn’t really matter here). And that’s not all! Jadzia married Worf, who in my TNG article was Lionblaze. And guess who Lionblaze is mates with? That’s right! Cinderheart! I mean, how are these two not alike?

Constable Odo as Ashfur: Odo is not nearly as bad as Ashfur, but they do share some traits. Odo betrays the Federation, only coming back for Kira. Ashfur betrays his Clan, because he’s obsessed with Squirrelstar, who in this article is Kira. They are both arrogant, wary of others, and independent. In the end, Odo was loyal to the Federation, while Ashfur tried to kill what he thought were Squirrelstar’s kits, and then possessed Brambleclaw’s body, much later. But they are still quite similar.

Quark as Cloudtail: They are both compassionate and loyal. And while Cloudtail and Ashfur were best friends in their apprentice years, unlike Quark, who had a frenemy relationship with Odo, no one liked Ashfur after he took over Brambleclaw, and killed cats out of anger from being rejected by Squirrelstar. He’s also the reason for Cloudtail’s great-granddaughter, Bristlefrost’s, death.

Rom as Spiderleg: They are both just stupid. That’s all. Just stupid.

Jake Sisko as Birchfall: They are both immature, playful, hard-working, and laid-back. And sometimes they get into mischief.

Nog as Swiftpaw: Both Swiftpaw and Nog are loyal, yet stubborn, and willing to make some stupid decisions that lead them into trouble.

Ezri Dax as Mothwing: They are both insecure, anxious, and inexperienced in their fields, yet compassionate towards others.

Garak as Midnight: They’re both good-hearted, yet sometimes do the wrong thing.

Gul Dukat as Rock: They both unintentionally kill someone, and are very neutral characters. Neither good nor bad.

I hope you guys enjoyed my article! Stormflower out!

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