[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

Is Starclan’s judgement really wise? By IrisPaw

IrisPaw wonders if Starclan was really wise in their judgement.

[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

Hello Blogclan! In this article, I will consider a question: Is Starclan really wise in their judgements?

Starclan is a clan where dead clan cats go to after they die. They are a clan that many of the cats look up to for guidance. But are they really wise for this?Starclan can be unreasonable and bias in their choices to put which cats in the Dark Forest and which cats to not.

I will also be listing things that Starclan did which was not very… well, if you put it that way-nice.

Let’s start! So, the first thing that I think Starclan was unreasonable in their choices in putting cats in the dark Forest and Starclan is Thistleclaw and Ashfur. Ashfur tried to kill so many cats, even helping to kill Firestar once. Thistleclaw, however, has NEVER-NEVER killed any cat in his life before, and still went to the dark forest. I think that Starclan sent ThistleClaw to the dark forest because most of Bluestar’s Prophecy we were given the vision of Thistleclaw being a vile, evil cat. Thistleclaw might lead the clan into chaos, but that doesn’t mean he is pure evil. What if he just wanted the best for his clan? He might not be a good clan leader, but he makes a fine warrior nevertheless.

I think Ashfur, if we follow the judgement of “evil”, he should have been sent to the Dark Forest immediately.

Another thing that annoyed me about Starclan is how angry they were towards Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Spottedleaf told Leafpool to “follow her heart”, and later on, she called her a fool for doing that! It was kind of hypocritical of her to say that. She had a crush on Firestar, but was angry at Leafpool for doing almost the same thing? Spottedleaf never showed any regret for loving Firestar.

If I remember correctly, Starclan told Pinestar to KILL his ONLY SON! Pinestar could not take it, so he left to be a kittypet… ONE OF THE REASONS TIGERSTAR WAS EVIL! Sorry-got a little overexcited there. *clears throat* They also gave horrible “powers” to Yellowfang and Goosefeather. Goosefeather, from seeing the future, was horrified by Tigerkit, causing Bluestar(fur) to also be wary of him. It might be that reason that Tigerkit was angry and wanted to prove himself, becoming ambitious.

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