[a brown tabby chat with white markings looks out in a rocky area]

A-Z prefix personalities: Ant, Adder, Acorn by Rosefern

Rosefern provides some prefixes that start with A to use for warrior names.

[a brown tabby chat with white markings looks out in a rocky area]
[a brown tabby chat with white markings looks out in a rocky area]

Hiiii y’all! Today I’ma be attempting to sort through some interesting prefixes in alphabetical order. Ima be choosing a few of the most interesting prefixes of each letter and choosing personalities that might fit them
Let’s start with A
Idk if anymore then like one cat in like the world had this prefix (AcornFur) or maybe in CotC, because cotC has a lot of cats
But let’s get to it!
When I think of acorns I think of “shy but feisty” basically like cuz acorns can be small, but with a bit of nurturing, have the capacity to spring up into an enormous big old oak tree.
But also, trees can’t be reversed, right? You cant shove a tree back into its acorn. So maybe Acorn is a bit scared of standing up for themself fro the fear of it making a big irreversable change? And then, if somebody, say, a good mentor, where to nurture it the right way, it’ll learn to burrow out of its seed pod, and make change. Acorn doesn’t sound like something that would necessarily succeed in making big change, but they’ll certainly try! And that’s what matters most, right?
Let;s try Ant next!
Ant sounds like it’d be outgoing and courageous, like the tiny scurrying creature it was named for. But that’s the basic, though. Dont ants kinda widely vary by species?
I’m just going to go with the outgoing. This cat is very social but might have social anxiety or have trouble making real lasting friendships. So they try to be there for everyone. Ant is mischievous too, not being afraid to go on little expeditions or prank the Senior Warriors. Sorta like how ants steal your food in real life. Also, some ants have sting too, so let’s say when Ant is irritated, they can pack a not-so-pleasant punch. They could be mean or even hurt someone. Also, Ant just seems like they would hold grudges for a while too.
I’m just going to go right ahead and say it: Adder is mean. Adder is mean, hostile, and has a lot of trouble getting along with basically anyone for this. They might have one or two cats who they’re close with, and they’re probably all similar in the ways that they’re outcasts for being mean and rude etc. However, Adder is fiercely loyal to what it believes in, and will fight to the death for their Clan. They might also, be deeply insecure or have trust issues even for fellow Clanmates.
There you go people, I hope you enjoyed my A for prefixes, I’ll see you next time for B!!

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