[a stylized headshot of Bristlefrost looking up to her left]

Should Bristlefrost come back?? by Swiftpaw

Swiftpaw wonders if Bristlefrost should come back in the series.

[a stylized headshot of Bristlefrost looking up to her left]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a stylized headshot of Bristlefrost looking up to her left]

Should Bristlefrost come back is the question that we have all been asking. And this is my opinion on it: YES! I do agree with lots of others who say that it would kind of mess up the story line, but at the same time they could still add her in without it being too basic. SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like is bristlekit was her spirit, or if she ascended to Starclan somehow, but i personally think that if they left it the way it is then a lot of fans, including me would just be sad for the rest of the series. Also, i love that they at least mentioned her in the book Shadow. Shadowsight is most likely still grieving and i am glad someone is taking it like a warrior, and he is a medicine cat!!! If she came back us,rootspring, Ivypool, and fernsong and so many more would all be finally happy and those amazing kits would thrive in thunderclan or skyclan the same. And by the way, later in the next year, here on blogclan i will post my warrior cats novels i created on my own and in one of them Bristlefrost returns to the living world, where she truly belongs! Bristlefrost deserves more,also Rootspring, chill out with the moping!! i mean come on buddy, Briostlefrost would not want you to be moping aroung all day!! Also i think that bristlefrost should come back its just i hope she does in an more interesting way than Cinderpelt, but any way is honestly fine with me, as long as she comes back!! I am hoping so much for those amazing dreams to come true but i guess we must wait and see! I Hope you enjoyed this post! By the way this is all my opinion! Credits to Crystalmist, who helped me in my journey through the bristlefrost theories!!!! I love Bristlefrost and I hope this post helped you love her more!! She deserves more love!!! And i hope i inspired some people to write their own books and to come up with as many fun theories as you want!!!!! #BristlexRoot#bringbristlefrostback

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